Looking back at 2016

Looking back at 2016

As we near the end of another great year, I love taking the opportunity to reflect on those moments that meant the most throughout the year. For each, I say a BIG prayer of gratitude!

For those of you who are also on a journey to live with intention every day, I hope you find time to take a moment to reflect on those people and events that stand out in 2016. Remember all the steps that brought you to where you are right now (good and bad). I am grateful for so many moments this year!

If you have peace in your heart, give thanks and express your appreciation to those around you.

If you find yourself unsettled with some part of your current situation – whether in your professional or personal life – give thanks.  I have come to learn this year that courage is not comfort and to take risks … is uncomfortable. The other nugget I learned is that ‘resistance’ is part of growing, and it is something that must be felt. We must go through it in order to come to a sense of gratitude and/or peace.

If you are a spa owner or a therapist and want to achieve better results for your clients and greater profitability in 2017, I would love to help you.

Look back, look forward, and get ready for an even greater 2017!


Our top moments from 2016 … 

1. ISPA Innovate Award

We were thrilled to be recognized as a 2016 ISPA Innovate award winner! Thank you so much for voting for Saltability in the Products category, supporting how our innovating Himalayan salt stone massage for spas and massage therapists – offering more positive environmental impact and more therapeutic benefits than traditional hot stone massage.

2. Review from Michael Tompkins that made me cry!

One of the top highlights of my year was an email I received from former ISPA Board Chairman Michael Tompkins. Michael’s assessment of how Saltability’s Himalayan salt stone massage is a game changer for the spa industry overwhelmed me. Michael is an industry leader whom I have long admired and his words about our Himalayan salt stone massage, from his own perspective as a guest, hit right at the heart of what we at Saltability work so hard to achieve for massage clients, therapists and spas.

3. Himalayan salt named a top spa trend

I was honored to be quoted in American Spa’s feature of the top spa trends for 2016. In the feature, American Spa calls Himalayan Salt a “particular spa standout.”

4. Saltability’s Himalayan Salt Detox Bath Makes “Beauty 100” list

Thank you to Spirituality & Health, in partnership with Insider’s Guide to Spas, for naming Saltability’s Himalayan Salt Detox Bath on the “Beauty 100” list in the July/August issue!

Our Himalayan Salt Detox Bath was recognized in the “10 Best Bath Soaks and Soaps” category – “An end-of-the-day favorite: Pour these pure Himalayan sea salts into your bath, and allow yourself to relax for 30 minutes, soaking in the mineral-rich goodness. Your body will thank you.”

5. New Product: Bamboo Warming Tray (patent pending)

I almost can’t believe that we introduced FOUR amazing new products this past year, starting with the Bamboo Warming Tray for Himalayan salt stone massage. Similar to our other salt stone warmers, the Bamboo Warming Tray (patent-pending) uses no water or chemicals – and creates a healthier experience for both therapist and client compared to traditional stone massage and really heats the salt stones up perfectly. Plus, the tray features a sustainable design, thanks to its bamboo construction.

6. New Product: Atlas Flex-Block Salt Table (patent pending)

Also patent-pending, the Atlas Flex-Block Salt Table is one of the projects I am most proud of this year! This table feels so incredible to lay on – the only massage table with true skin-to-salt contact, nourishing and grounding the body while therapists perform any massage.  The design was intentional from start to finish to make it as comfortable and beneficial as possible for both clients and therapists. Co-developed by Touch America. 

7. New Product: Warming Cart

Our new warming cart is entirely designed to be convenient for massage therapists performing our Himalayan salt stone massage. Holding up to 20 Himalayan salt stones, the wheeled cart is counter-height for ease of use and features three drawers of varying sizes, so therapists can store massage products and warm Himalayan salt stones. It’s an all-in-one system for linens, oils, hot towels and stones!

8. New Product: Atlas Flex-Block Salt Lounge

Newly announced this week, our newest product gives spas a unique, amazing opportunity for relaxation and wellness with the Atlas Flex-Block Salt Lounge (patent-pending). This heated, ultra-comfortable lounge chair cradles clients in direct contact with the healing power of Himalayan salt. It is easily going to be the first choice in salt rooms/salt caves and relaxation areas where the client can lay directly on the heated 100% pure Himalayan salt. Co-developed by Touch America.

9. New clients

My final favorite moment of 2016 is really a collection of favorite moments – every time we welcomed a new client into the Saltability family, from independent massage therapists, Mandarin Oriental Boston, SoJo Spa Club, Elements Massage chain, Lifetime Fitness Spas across the United States and others. 

Every time I connect with a new spa or massage therapist, I am so excited to see how our Himalayan salt stone massage positively impacts so many facets of their work – from the benefits to the client, the health boost to the therapists, the improvement of their bottom line, and their impact on the environment.

Thank you to each and every one of our clients. Read here to see what they say about their experience with Saltability. I am so grateful!

 Ann Brown, Saltability

Ann Brown, founder

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