When I Finally Realized That Himalayan Salt Stone Massage is a Game Changer

When I Finally Realized That Himalayan Salt Stone Massage is a Game Changer

By Michael Tompkins, past chairman of the International Spa Association and executive recruiter, Hutchinson Consulting

I'm not sure when I realized it was a game changer. It could have been when I first walked into the treatment room and saw the beautifully glowing Himalayan salt stones, but it wasn't. In fact, it took talking to Saltability founder Ann Brown, seeing the stones displayed in the treatment room, having not one but TWO salt stone massages, and finally using them with my own therapist hands before I realized how big this new trend will be.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Let me take you through the process.

I've built leading spas for decades and I've labored over where to hide the unsightly stone roasters which now can be eliminated. From a design perspective, it's a welcome change not just for the aesthetic value but also because, during the treatment, you don't have to hear the clanging of stone meeting metal or countertop as the therapist returns them to a place off your body.

And it's on the body where it made all the difference for me. The salt stone glide was equally as smooth as the traditional basalt, but instead I almost felt the minerals of the salt being absorbed into my skin as they eased down the arm. The temperature of the salt stone stayed consistently warm. They were never cold and at no point did it feel there was ever the potential of being burned. Changing into my therapist hat, the risk of the technician's own hands burning the skin on the tools that help them make a living is completely eliminated.

Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Massage Warmer

And so after my first treatment I sat down with Ann Brown and listened to her speak on the benefits of Himalayan salt, how the stones are naturally antimicrobial and how salt contains 84 minerals essential to a healthy body. But I still wasn't convinced.

I was consulting on a medispa project in my hometown in St. Louis and building a salt room as part of its offerings. Just like the Saltability stone kit, the beauty of the lit salt stones in the room definitely was the show stopper of the build. Hearing the health value of the salt on our bodies told by the physicians on a daily basis was reassuring that this salt trend is here to stay. From easing skin conditions to assisting with breathing disorders to changing energetic ions, the benefits kept rolling out like the memory of the stones on my aching body during my first treatment. And so I decided to try the service again.

I recently stayed at the Oaks at Ojai, the birthplace of US spas and, at the insistence of its current formidable leader Cathy Cluff, tried the Salt Stone Massage again. This time I wasn't the evaluating consultant, the particular massage therapist, or the critiquing spa manager. I was simply a guest. And that is when I realized this product is a game changer. By simply allowing myself to be, and to experience the salt stones on my body a second time without the usual mind chatter, it melted into my soul and erased any inkling of doubt.

So now believing that Saltability's salt stones are a game changer, I say “Game on!”


Michael Tompkins and Ann Brown at the Caribbean Spa Association Summit in Cancun, July 2016

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I am a new CMT. Just about two years now. was a Personal Trainer for two decades. I recently was trained in salt stone and had the treatment. I also was trained in hot stone. To rate and contrast; I would have to say the Himalayan salt stone wins over the hot stones. Set up, consistent heat delivery, without the risk of burn, and the clanking pot lids and the humidity created by hot stones, sold me on it. They are also lovely to look at.

toni jo orban

Dear Rita,
The salt stones provide light exfoliation and may irritate at first. Since we are not doctors we recommend that your daughter checks with her doctor regarding any prolonged irritation. Please contact us at info@saltability.com if you have any further questions.

Michaela Garretson (Saltability Social Media and Marketing Editor)

My daughter had a salt stone massage & 9 hours later her feet began to burn from. The balls to the toes. Is that common?


Hi Pauline,
Water can degrade the salt, so whenever the salt stones are exposed to water, we recommend thoroughly drying them with a towel. For example, if using the stone as a deodorant, it is made wet and then applied to the underarm, but then it needs to be wiped clean with a cotton towel after use to preserve the stone. That is why we recommend Benefect Decon 30 to clean the stones (which we are glad to hear you are using!) because it does not degrade the salt.

Michaela Garretson (Saltability Social Media/Marketing Editor)

I have been a massage therapist for 20 years,I AM A HOT STONE QUEEN!!!I would say 8 out of every 10 massages I do a day Are hot stone,this I have been doing at my one job at hand and stone in south philly.I am waiting for feedback now to see if my clients like it better and I will push the salt stones more.Is it true about never letting them touch water ?I seem to be getting mixed info on that.I use the Devon 30 now ,but was wondering what you think!!!

Pauline Papageorgiou

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