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What our clients say

 Read a review of Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Massage from Michael Tompkins, past chairman of the International Spa Association and executive recruiter, Hutchinson Consulting:

"I'm not sure when I realized it was a game changer. It could have been when I first walked into the treatment room and saw the beautifully glowing Himalayan salt stones, but it wasn't. In fact, it took talking to Saltability founder Ann Brown, seeing the stones displayed in the treatment room, having not one but TWO salt stone massages, and finally using them with my own therapist hands before I realized how big this new trend will be."



Tracy Harper, Spa Director, Sun Valley Resort

"Our team is loving the Himalayan salt stone massage service, and our clients are raving about their experience.  It is an amazing service and we are thrilled to have it on our menu so that our clients can experience its unique benefits. We look forward to adding more services to our menu using the stones and products Saltability has to offer.

Offering CEU’s for this modality has provided an amazing learning experience for my team, and they have embraced the opportunity to learn more and add value to their overall guest experience. The Himalayan salt stone service provides a wellness benefit that my team gravitates toward, and they continue to be excited about providing the service to our guests with the education they have received through the course."

Melissa Boris, Director, SoJo Spa Club 
From a business perspective, I have never seen so many stone massages reserved since I started in this industry! Our guests are quite drawn to our Heated Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. Thank you, Salability, for such a lovely and sustainable product! 

Vickie Hauck, National Spa Director, SPA NORDSTROM
Ann Brown is an absolute delight to work with! Her passion for the spa industry and her credibility as a massage therapist is one of many reasons Spa Nordstrom chose to work with Ann and bring in the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage to Spa Nordstrom. Working with Ann on the execution of bringing this service to Spa Nordstrom was flawless. We launched the Himalayan Salt Stone Service in June 2015, and it has quickly become one of our most popular massage services with our massage therapists and our clients. Ann continues to be available to answer questions with our massage therapists and was gracious enough to host several conference calls with our massage therapists to educate them on the benefits of the Himalayan Salt Stones & ensure we had a proper launch to introduce the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. The calls were a key factor to our successful launch. Ann is a true professional and I highly recommend working with her.

William Myers, Director, Chuan Day Spa - The Langham Hotel Chicago
It has been a pleasure to work with Ann Marie Brown and the Saltability team to introduce their innovative offering to our guests of Chuan Spa Chicago. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and beneficial to both the guest and therapist, Saltability’s Warm Himalayan Salt Stone Massage completely elevates and transforms the traditional hot stone massage experience into a relevant and proven, therapeutically beneficial full-body well-being experience.

Corri Vara, owner, International Day Spa
Replacing our traditional hot stone roasters with the Himalayan Salt Stone warmer immediately improved the ambiance of our treatment rooms. Our massage therapists love working with the stones because they are always the perfect temperature. Our clients love the warm salt stone treatments and we are so pleased with the perfect temperature, elegant display, and simple disinfecting process.

Dan Pierotti, VP Global Spa Development & Operations, Noble House Hotels & Resorts
INNOVATIVE! THERAPEUTIC! ECO-FRIENDLY! AMAZING! Noble House Spas are in the process of transitioning all of their current Sacred Stone Massage units with Saltability’s Himalayan Salt Stone Warmers. This new alternative to hot basalt stone massage is the new way of performing hot stone massage, and the benefits are definitely incomparable to the old way; saving on water, electricity, clean up time, wonderful health benefits, and not to mention, they look beautiful in our treatment rooms. One of the greatest advantages with Saltability is the retail sell through with home care, which you don’t have with traditional hot stone massage. A full retail line for massage therapists to be able to sell something that complements their service. Ann has been amazing to work with; her time, support, ideas, and generosity are above and beyond! We are more than pleased with the outcome. It’s a terrific partnership!

Nicolette Alex-Sands, Manager, SpaTerre, Ocean Key Resort & Spa
I had my first Saltability massage today! It was AMAZING. My skin and muscles felt magnificent afterward, and I also felt very light and at ease. The therapists love working with the stones, and I think that the negative ions are starting to make a difference in the spa – happy team! We all love how easy the stone sets are to clean up and they look so beautiful. We are so happy that we brought Saltability onboard at Spa Terre Ocean Key!

Michael Tompkins, Co-Chief Executive Officer, PALM Health
At PALM Health our team of medical, comprehensive, and alternative practice providers recognizes the positive trend of salt therapy.  We've built a salt inhalation chamber for its health benefits and incorporate Saltability's outstanding products in our spa services and retail sales lines.

Laurie Lively, Spa Manager, The Greenbrier
The Greenbrier staff are getting so excited to launch Saltability's Himalayan Salt Stone Massage on May 1st, 2016. They really enjoy doing the massage and love the therapeutic benefits of hand carved Himalayan salt massage stones.

Charlotte Prescott, Director of Spa & Fitness, The Biltmore

In line with our Benessere program (meaning “wellness” in Italian), we look to enhance our guests’ experiences with wellness-intended opportunities throughout the property.  It made perfect sense to us that we would incorporate the Himalayan Salt Stones into our Mineral Wellness Ritual, which is designed to help the spa-goer detoxify, remineralize, and restore balance to the body and mind.  I am passionate about inspiring our guests to take a wellness remedy home from their experiences with us.  I loved that bringing Himalayan salt into our saunas not only enhanced the dry heat experience but also serve as an education tool to our guests about the many benefits of Himalayan salt.  There are so many benefits and so many ways to use the salts. Showing and sharing how easy it is to use will hopefully help to spread this amazing, natural and therapeutic secret.

Adriana Cezar, Assistant Spa Director, The Biltmore
The Wellness Body Ritual was created to feature the healing powers of Himalayan Salt Stones and it has been a success among our hotel and local guests.

Diane Trieste, Director, Shankara Ayurveda Spa
I think this stone massage with Himalayan Salt is right on the mark. The standard stone massage has gotten a bit stale and this gives it a whole new start. The benefits of the Himalayan salt are incomparable to others, and there are so many ways the guest can take home some good wellness with the retail opportunities provided by Saltability. This is a treatment that really has some therapeutic benefits and the client will remember your spa and the quality behind it.

Kendra Littrell, Spa Director, Shibui Spa
We are really enjoying our Salt Stone Baskets. The treatment and products are features in our Specials this month. Our clients and therapists are very excited!

Travis Anderson, Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa
We recently introduced Himalayan salt lamps from Saltability in our nail salon. The visual effect is lovely as they create a warm and soft glow in the room. The clients also share that they feel more grounded and relaxed – which is exactly what we seek in our luxury spa operation. Thanks to our salt lamps we provide a more authentic and natural environment for our associates and our guests.

Joanna Roche, Spa Director, The Westmoor Club
Spa directors tasked with finding new therapies that are natural, relevant, and offer a point of difference will find Saltability is a great option. We’ve replaced hot stone massage with hot salt stone massage to rave reviews and the retail sell through is very strong.

We’re thrilled with our new salt sauna! Thanks to Ann Brown and Saltability for the incredible salt tiles and help in designing the room. Our carpenters were able to design and install the tiles and the room looks beautiful. We are now able to capture all the respiratory system healing properties of the salt, making the sauna more effective and beautiful.

Marci Howard-May, Director of Spa and Wellness, Red Mountain Resort
I discovered Saltability at ISPA 2014. I knew from that moment we needed to try this treatment. We ordered one set to sample the Himalayan Salt Stone massage for ourselves. Having been a longtime proponent of warm basalt stone treatments, I was curious to see how the salt stones compared. I was very surprised in the significant difference I felt with deeper and more complete relaxation of my muscle tissue from the minerals contained in the salt. My skin felt lightly exfoliated and a bit tingly as well after the massage. I felt lengthened and very calm and grounded, even more so than from warm basalt stone massages. The massage stones feel amazing to work with. The way they are shaped really allows you a lot of flexibility with how you can use each stone to get into trigger points or glide smoothly and they are easy to hold. You literally feel the recipient's muscle tissue melt away underneath you in a way that does not happen with basalt stones. The warmer is so pretty in the room and allows a shorter warm up time. The disinfectant made things so easy for clean-up we were able to extend our treatment time as we did not need to spend much time disinfecting the stones between each guest. Once a few of our therapists also tried the treatment we knew we had to bring in a set for every room and start offering the Himalayan Salt Stone massage in place of our Canyon Warm Stone massage. Our therapists and guests fell in love with the treatment immediately. For retail, we brought in the stones, sole jars, and lamps. The retail display draws people in and they often will upgrade their treatment once they have seen and felt one of the massage stones. Our guests have been enjoying the fact that they can take the benefits of the treatment home with them. We can hardly keep the massage stones in stock!

Cathy Cluff, President and CEO, The Oaks at Ojai
The Oaks used the Saltability foot warmers and heart stones at a recent ISPA media event in Los Angeles. I have to say the press was impressed. They LOVED the feel and the relaxing heat along with the natural benefits emitted from Himalayan salt. It was a great way for The Oaks to introduce our newest service to the press. So far our guests are enjoying it but I think our therapists are the true winners! They love the look, the natural benefits and the ease of maintenance compared to traditional hot stone massage. For me personally, as an owner, I loved the support and great follow through of Saltability as a company. Ann was a joy to work with.

Tammy Pahel, The Spa at Turnberry Isle Miami

Saltability provides a healthy and relaxing experience and needs to be added to your spa menu.

Katie Castellanos, Spa Director, Abundant Health Day Spa
We love Saltability Himalayan Salt Stones! I have worked in the spa industry for 10 years and have never had a treatment room product that was so well received by both the staff and the clients. In addition to the many benefits of incorporating Himalayan Salt Stones into a massage or treatment, the beautiful aesthetic of the product is undeniable. As soon as a client walks into the treatment room, they notice the beautiful stones and instantly the conversation begins of what the stones are and how they are used. Also, Saltability's extensive treatment protocols are thorough and easy to follow. I would recommend Saltability to any spa professional looking to expand their spa menu ... You won't be disappointed. 

Virginia Lara, Director, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Boston
We are thrilled to introduce at our Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Boston the Himalayan Hot Stones from Saltability. Our guests and therapists are loving it, and it really takes our hot stone treatment to a completely different level with a beautiful holistic approach.

Nate Steere, Director of Spa & Fitness, La Playa Beach & Golf Resort
Saltability products are beautiful to look at, and just as nice in the hands of our therapists. They’ve brought an easy-to-use stone alternative into our spa, and since they’re lit by LED, they’re always hot and ready for us to enhance a guest’s massage and capture enhancement revenues. Ann and her team are friendly and responsive, making rollout a breeze.


Jinny Badinger, Lead Therapist, Paris Parker Salons and Spas

I love the Saltability Himalayan salt stones — these are really cool! They heat very quickly and hold heat for a long time, which makes them an easy solution to the hot stone massage issue of needing an hour to prepare hot stones. Now, people can book hot stone massage in the moment. Plus, I love that they save water, and I love the idea of having an enhancement menu so they can be used for more than just salt stone massage. We could give them to the nail techs and have them use them as an enhancement for their services as well as for aesthetics! There are so many ideas for how they can be used to enhance or build on other services.

I recently used the salt stones on a very regular client of mine for the first time. He’s a surgeon and has a strong Western medicine mentality, and he’s very blunt that he doesn’t like change. At the end of every massage, I use two hot stones on the back to finish. This time, I told him I was going to use the salt stones instead to see what he thought. As soon as the treatment was over, he said, “I really like those. I feel really relaxed. That was great!” That was huge coming from him! He said he preferred them to the traditional hot stones because of their texture and overall feel.

I feel so confident moving forward with these salt stones. I love them — and so do my clients!

Therese Welch, lead massage therapist, Chuan Spa at the Langham, Chicago
After ten years massaging, I haven’t felt any other product deliver results like the Himalayan stones do. I love the Saltability line. It’s truly amazing to be able to feel the difference in a client’s connective tissue after use and see how transformed they are afterward.

Eric Stephenson, Director of Education, iMessage, Inc.
Since 2002, I have trained over a thousand massage therapists in traditional, basalt hot stone massage. I’m always surprised at how few of them actually offer it in their practices, frequently citing lengthy prep and clean-up work as too laborious. Our approach at Saltability eliminates this pain point and what therapists love is a simple, effective approach to combine heat with the benefits of Himalayan salt stones for their clients and guests.

I fell in love with hot stone massage in the 90’s, so much so that I traveled to Iceland to get my own stones. I have traded in my basalt for Himalayan Salt Stones. In my opinion, this approach is much more than a trend; it’s the future of stone massage.

Dawn Page, Spa Manager, The Lodge & Spa at Cordillera
Our spa launched the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage at the start of our busy ski season and after a short time, it has already become a tremendous success! The beautiful glowing baskets of pink stones in the treatment rooms has become the highlight of our spa. Coming from a massage therapist background, I was confident our therapists would like the treatment; however, I never expected the excitement from my staff when they see that one has booked on their schedule. Their enthusiasm has resulted in the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage as our #1 selling body treatment, #1 add-on enhancement, as well as a significant increase in retail sales from therapist recommendations. Not only is it a hit with our staff, but also guests of the spa. They use words to describe their experience from the treatment as “incredible,” “so much better than the ‘regular’ hot stone massage” and “can’t remember when I felt this great”.

Bringing Saltability into our spa has positively impacted us in more ways than I could have imagined. And from the very start, Ann has provided timely and courteous support to help bring on this new treatment to our spa

Shaw Coté, Spa Treatment Manager, CavalloPoint
Our staff LOVES working with the stones. The timers make a huge difference. We’re able to leave them on all day to ionize the rooms and be beautiful! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found you at ISPA!

Kimberly DiVico, Spa Manager, Auberge Resorts
Both our guests and therapists love the new offering!

Eric Jensen, Spa Services Supervisor, Red Mountain Resort
As a massage therapist of more than 10 years, I was very satisfied with the “traditional” basalt stones that I have been using since the beginning of my career. I was very skeptical of these new Himalayan salt stones and how they would stand up to the test of time, but they are incredibly durable and easy to use. I don’t know if it is the minerals in the stone or the fact that negative ions are being released, but I couldn’t believe how long the relief in the muscles lasted. I have been using the Himalayan salt stones regularly for 9 months now, and I can honestly say that I never want to give or receive a stone massage any other way.

Kirra Wilson, Health and Wellness Director, The Hermitage Club
We chose to bring on Saltability to the Spa at The Hermitage Club because it is innovative and an incredibly intentional and therapeutic treatment. Not only do our guest reap the therapeutic benefits from the salts, our therapists do also. They are quick and easy to clean and they display so beautifully in our serenity room.

Lisa Morales, Massage Therapist, SoJo Spa Club
I love that Saltability is geared towards drawing on nature's ancient resources to benefit skin and senses.

Margie Ortega, Massage Therapist, SoJo Spa Club
Aside from the Himalayan Salt being a natural air purifier, its health benefits are astounding. Examples are stabilized pH and oxidative stress found in the body. The warmth of the stones allows clients to enter a sedative state as well, making its use a great benefit overall.

Shane Bird, Director of Spa Operations, Ska:ná The Spa at Turning Stone
Great job, Ann Marie Brown and Saltability. A spa would be crazy not to take a good long look at upgrading their stone services with Himalayan Salt.

Cecelia Neylon, Heart & Sole Reflexology
I am a reflexologist, and when I am working on a client's hands and feet, I put warm salt stones on the back of the neck and, if they want, on their lower back. Also, if I feel they need extra work on their reflexes, I use the stones to work their reflexes. My clients can also hold them. It makes for an excellent one hour.



Sandra Sadowski, Director of Operations, ESPA
Saltability provides innovative, sustainable, healing salt stones and accessories to the spa and wellness world. Their uncompromised customer service, reliability and attention to detail with each new spa and existing spa they work with and support has made them my company of choice for salt stone massage, manicure and pedicure enhancements and healthy, air purifying décor. Ann and her team continue to grow Saltability offerings, and I am can only look forward to what is next for this amazing company.

Philippe Therene, Founder and Spa Accounts Manager, SpaEquip
At SpaEquip we are seeing a surge in clients' requests for Himalayan Salt products such as salt massage stone therapy and salt rooms. By working with Ann Brown and her team at Saltability we are able to provide our customers with the best available products they need to introduce these wonderful therapies to their clients.

Julie Keller, Editor-in-Chief, American Spa
One of the most notable trends we are seeing this year is salt, most notably Himalayan salt. One of the most interesting companies I've seen incorporating it is Saltability. The massage stones, in particular, seem to truly be making an impact with spas and adding another layer of healing to services that incorporate them.

Blake Feeney, Feeney & Co. Spa Consulting
I think the idea of an eco-friendly warmer and using Himalayan salt stones, with all their benefits, is really innovative and something the spa industry has needed for some time. I have to say I really like the sauna conversion kits that takes a traditional sauna, and with a few steps, makes it a Himalayan salt sauna that emits negative ions that have multiple benefits.

Mia Kyricos, Chief Brand Officer, Spafinder Wellness Inc., and Founder, Kyricos & Associates
Saltability is one of the most impressive innovations I’ve seen in our industry in a long time. The treatments and products have been developed with the health of guests and therapists in mind, not to mention the philanthropic and environmental sensibilities of the company. Kudos to industry veteran, Ann Brown, and the team at Saltability for bringing such a compelling offering to market. Well done!