Atlas Flex-Block™ Salt Lounge

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Cradled in healing comfort, spa guests experience the nourishing, replenishing benefits of Himalayan salt while relaxing on the heated, ultra-comfortable Atlas Flex-Block™ Salt Lounge (patent pending).

Saltability Flex-Block Himalayan Salt Lounge for Spa

Derived from the Primal Sea, Himalayan salt is one of the Earth’s oldest healing elements with recorded accounts of its therapeutic use dating back to 1600 BC. Your clients will benefit from the healing power of Himalayan salt, sought-after to improve respiratory function, soften skin and provide stress relief.


Client lays directly on our innovative flex-top surface – Himalayan salt tiles that cushion and give way with the body for a comfortable, cradling feel. 

With remote control, electronic lounge moves easily from upright to zero gravity position to provide such benefits as back and muscle pain relief and more.

Waterproof heater warms the salt tiles to release negative ions and clean the air, improving breathing and allergy problems, decreasing anxiety, improving sleep and more. 

Easy to clean. Simply spray with Decon 30, our EPA-registered disinfectant, wait 10 minutes to kill any possible contaminants, and wipe down after each use.

Made from non-corrosive materials to withstand use in salt room/cave. Solid wood frame, stainless steel components. UL listed electronics. Includes one-year limited warranty. 

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