Salt Therapy on American Spa's Top Spa Trends for 2016

Salt Therapy on American Spa's Top Spa Trends for 2016

American Spa Magazine, January 2016In the January 2016 issue, American Spa names salt therapy as one of the top spa trends for 2016. The magazine describes salt therapy as "a very safe, natural, and affordable modality for wellness and beauty” and calls salt “an ideal ingredient for countless spa services."

While touting the benefits of different types of spa therapy, American Spa calls Himalayan salt a “particular spa standout."

Saltability CEO Ann Brown is quoted in the article: 

“By adding Himalayan salt to a full-body massage, clients get additional heat to allow the organic trace minerals to penetrate into the skin and body. It detoxifies, restores energy levels, improves skin conditions, purifies and remineralizes, provides relaxation, and increases alkalinity in the body.” 

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Other spa trends on the magazine’s 2016 list?

Banning microbeads, anti-sugar skincare, honey spa treatments, a new brand of airport spas, on-demand massage services, spa gardens, hybrid yoga, the healing power of sound, and wellness apps and wearable fitness technology.

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