Saltability's Himalayan Salt Detox Bath Makes "Beauty 100" List

Saltability's Himalayan Salt Detox Bath Makes "Beauty 100" List

Himalayan Salt Detox Batx

We are honored! Saltability’s Himalayan Salt Detox Bath is featured on the “Beauty 100” list in the July/August issue of Spirituality & Health, in partnership with Insider’s Guide to Spas.

Our Himalayan Salt Detox Bath ($22 for 2 lbs.) is recognized in the “10 Best Bath Soaks and Soaps” category –

“An end-of-the-day favorite: Pour these pure Himalayan sea salts into your bath, and allow yourself to relax for 30 minutes, soaking in the mineral-rich goodness. Your body will thank you.”

In her book Water and Salt – The Essence of Life, Dr. Barbara Hendel touts a 30-minute sole (Himalayan salt) bath as having the cleansing effect of a 3-day juice fast. Read more about the benefits of our Himalayan Salt Detox bath, including how it helps promote better sleep, and more.

We want to thank Spirituality & Health for including Saltability on the list and for the beautiful job they do of educating readers on health, wellness and the strength and peace that comes from spirituality. 

There are so many great products and companies on the Beauty 100 list – selected for staying true to natural and organic goodness. Among our favorites …

Check out our Himalayan Salt Detox Bath and our other favorites list above on the full Beauty 100 list.

Order Saltability’s Himalayan Salt Detox bath online here.

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