Saltability Unveils New Bamboo Warming Tray for Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Saltability Unveils New Bamboo Warming Tray for Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Saltability, a spa industry business that provides innovative  Himalayan salt stone treatments and products for resort, day, medical and destination spas, unveiled its new patent pending Bamboo Warming Tray at the International Spa Association Conference in Las Vegas earlier this fall. The tray, made of bamboo for its abundance and sustainability, holds and warms 20 Himalayan salt stones, ready for therapists’ use in the treatment room while emitting abundant negative ions as an additional perk. 

“Everything about our Bamboo Warming Tray was designed with intentionality in mind and that’s why we had to patent the idea,” says Ann Brown, Saltability founder and CEO. “We really want to start walking our talk by using no water, no chemicals and low energy, and this patented bamboo tray and silicone warming pad does exactly all of that and allows the guest to get a magnitude of therapeutic benefits including light exfoliation, alkalinity, mineral rich and total relaxation.”

Brown cites additional benefits for therapists as how the unique stone shapes ­– tear drop, oval and round – fit their hands for ease of use and convey the grounding and mineral benefits to them during massage. 

Featuring a patented silicon-covered base with state-of-the-art heating technology that maintains a consistent temperature of 150 degrees F, the Bamboo Warming Tray warms Himalayan salt stones to approximately 126 degrees (depending on stone size, weight and thickness), the ideal temperature for a therapist to pick a stone and use it directly on a client. The tray’s silicon base is easily cleaned after each use by spraying and wiping it with Saltability's non-toxic, EPA-registered disinfectant.

“As always with our Himalayan salt products, the therapeutic benefits are tremendous for the clients, and the therapists love no messy set-up or clean-up of the salt unit since there is no water and no chemicals.” Brown says.

The Bamboo Warming Tray is the one of the newest offerings in Saltability’s growing line of eco-friendly products, including their U.S-engineered Himalayan Salt Stone Warmer, recently recognized by the International Spa Association as a 2016 ISPA Innovate Award winner for its therapeutic benefits and positive environmental impact.

Available for purchase by professional customers only, the Bamboo Warming Tray retails for $299 and includes a 13x20-inch natural bamboo tray with silicon-covered warming pad and 20 Himalayan salt stones (six round, six oval, six teardrop and two heart stones). If you are a massage therapist or spa owner/director/manager, please visit to log in or to request access.   

To make a purchase or find out more about all of Saltability’s products, visit or call 888-241-2095.


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