Boost Sauna Detox Effects and Ease Fatigue with a Himalayan Salt Foot Detox Tray

Boost Sauna Detox Effects and Ease Fatigue with a Himalayan Salt Foot Detox Tray

Saltability’s Himalayan Salt Foot Detox tray brings a new level of detoxification, cleansing and energy renewal to the sauna experience.

Ideal for use in a sauna setting, the 1-by-4-by-10-inch tiles are the perfect size for almost any female foot (and most men’s feet will fit with the toes hanging slightly over the edge). Many Eastern cultures believe that blocked energy resides in the hands and feet, so using the detox tray (you can place Himalayan salt stones in the client’s hands to enhance the treatment) may help remove blocked energy along with all unwanted toxins. 

The warmth of the Himalayan salt causes the feet to sweat, allowing the salt to purify and cleanse. Toxins are pulled out and minerals pulled in, decreasing unhealthy acidity. The warm Himalayan salt also helps ease tiredness, aching, and symptoms of stress caused by over-exertion. And, the Himalayan Salt Foot Detox re-attunes the body to the Schumann resonance, sometimes called the heart beat of Mother Earth, which helps ease nervousness, insomnia and lack of concentration while helping to help reduce free radicals from the body.

Part of the detox experience using the foot tray means clients will sweat more from their feet and hands, if they’re holding salt stones — that’s a good thing. Sweating is our body’s way of cooling itself, as well as a natural way of releasing a lot of harmful toxins. A good sweat can also reduce pain, clear up skin, rid the body of pollutants and lead to an overall better mood. So clients will finish the experience feeling healthier and happier!

If you’re interested in adding the sauna detox foot tray to your sauna experience, here’s how it works:

1.    Place two salt tiles on a hand towel underneath the client’s feet so he or she can sit comfortably in the sauna with feet resting on the tiles.
2.    After about 15 to 20 minutes, dry the client’s feet, and remove the salt tray. You can disinfect it with two to three sprays of Decon 30, and then dry it off so it’s ready for use again (do the same for the hand salts stones, if using).
3.    Have the client sit in a comfortable chair or lie back in a chaise lounge with a cool cloth over his or her head for 30 minutes. Enhance the experience by having them sip a sole mixture with something added, such as lemon, pineapple or cucumber.

To further enhance the experience, you could also offer to exfoliate the client’s feet and hands with a mix of 1 ounce of fine Himalayan salt and water or oil before using the salt detox foot tray. By the time the service is complete, clients will be left with smooth hands and feet in addition to an amazing detox.

The sauna foot detox tray is available for $69 from Saltability.
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