Himalayan Salt Sauna Detox Foot Tray

This item is not available for purchase online. Please call (561) 515-5142 to order.

Boosts sauna detox effects and eases fatigue. Many Eastern cultures believe blocked energy resides in the hands and feet. Add a relaxed vibe to the sauna experience with the detox tray – Plus help free blocked energy and remove toxins.

When used in sauna, the detox tray stimulates increased sweating – the body’s natural way of releasing a lot of harmful toxins – from feet. Enhances purification and cleansing as toxins are released from the body and the Himalayan salt’s 84 naturally occurring minerals are absorbed. A good sweat can reduce pain, clear up skin, rid the body of pollutants and lead to an overall better mood.

Actual Size: 1” x 4” x 8”
The perfect fit for almost any female foot (and most men’s feet will fit with the toes hanging slightly over the edge.)

Complimentary bonus – Receive a detox circuit protocol, with purchase, to use with your clients in any traditional sauna.

Optional: Purchase Decon 30 (hospital-grade, nontoxic disinfectant)for easy care and cleaning. Just spray, wipe tray and salt stones dry, and use again.

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