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Restorative Self-Care Massage Tool

Restorative Self-Care Massage Tool

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Rich in up to 84 essential minerals, this 100% hand-carved massage tool may be warmed or chilled, used daily as an underarm or body deodorant, and for restorative massage, relieving tension and reducing cellulite. 

The Himalayan salt imparts minerals to the skin while exfoliating, helping to achieve a smoother, more youthful look.

For best massage results, pair with a favorite massage oil and massage the tool over areas of concern. 

For lymphatic drainage, apply light, flicking strokes to the skin, always directing the stone toward the heart so the lymphatic fluid reaches areas to be eliminated by the body. 

For edema or swelling, chill the massage tool in freezer for 20 min. before use. It may be left on an area to reduce inflammation. 

For warming, warm in a microwave for 20-second increments until desired warmth is reached (never more than a minute). Always use care to test the temperature with hands before applying to delicate skin. 

When not in use, store on the accompanying bamboo tray in a dry area. When exposed to moisture, Himalayan salt stones will reduce down or roughen. If stones get rough, sand them with sandpaper to smooth them so they are not abrasive to the skin.

If you have health conditions, please consult a doctor before starting any new program. 

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