Giving Back

Ann Brown’s Efforts

Within the spa and wellness sphere, Brown donates her time and talents to educating others about the value of her industry. She serves as vice chair of the Global Wellness Salt and Halotherapy Initiative and is involved in the Global Wellness Institute Mentorship Program. She has been a World Spa & Wellness Awards judge since 2010, and she previously served as a member of the ISPA board of directors and on the ISPA Education Committee. Additionally, she was a founding member of the American Spa Therapy Education and Certification Council, which educates some of the top spas in the country on protocol, efficacy of treatment and consistency. 

In addition to her vast spa industry experience, education and licensing, Brown contributed to the development of ISPA’s Hiring and Training Guide, the first handbook of its kind for ISPA members, and helped co-author two textbooks used for spa management degrees at major universities. She has been a presenter on spa management and modalities at ISPA’s annual conference, the American Massage Therapy Association conference, IECSC and more.

Brown also contributes to causes in the community. She actively participates in Rotary International, the YMCA, Habitat for Humanity and the Alzheimer’s Association. Currently she is the head ambassador forDowntown Boca Raton Rotary Club's CHOW (Children's Health on the Weekends) initiative.
CHOW | An initiative of the Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton
Saltability founder and CEO Ann Brown (above, second from left) is head ambassador for Downtown Boca Raton Rotary's CHOW program. 
She was named Rookie Rotarian of the Year by the Downtown Boca Raton Rotary Club in 2018 for her service, and she led the 2018 Boca Walk to End Alzheimer’s as committee chairperson. She has helped to educate local kids about water safety through the YMCA’s Josh the Otter program, and she has worked hands-on with Habitat for Humanity to improve housing situations for those in need in the local community. 
Brown with the YMCA “Josh the Otter” program   Brown, chair of the 2018 Boca Walk to End Alzheimer’s, at the Alzheimer’s Association 2018 Volunteer Summit. Brown with Habitat for Humanity
Brown with the YMCA “Josh the Otter” program Brown, chair of the 2018 Boca Walk to End Alzheimer’s, at the Alzheimer’s Association 2018 Volunteer Summit.
Brown with Habitat for Humanity

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Citizens Foundation

Creating Vocational Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities

Promoting Education and Empowerment in Pakistan


Providing Clean and Safe Drinking Water

Supporting Sea Turtle Conservation

Healthy oceans need sea turtles, and nearly all species of sea turtles are endangered. To support sea turtle conservation, we collaborate with Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton, Florida, a cooperative project that increases public awareness of coastal and marine ecosystems.

The center’s efforts include monitoring thousands of sea turtle nests along Boca Raton beaches; rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing sick and injured sea turtles; and releasing nearly 10,000 stranded sea turtle hatchlings each nesting season. The center also offers school and community programs along with research opportunities for students and professionals to learn and contribute to the conservation of local marine ecosystems.

To contribute to these efforts, Saltability will adopt a sea turtle hatchling for every Himalayan salt stone warmer purchased with a new Saltability professional account.

In addition, Saltability is a proud supporter of the center’s annual Gumbo Limbo 10K, a noncompetitive race that helps the center achieve its preservation goals.

Creating Vocational Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities

Saltability has partnered with Seagull Services, an organization that offers educational, social, vocational and transportation services aimed to promote achievement, self-reliance and independence for people who otherwise might face difficulty finding long-term employment due to disabilities.

Through its partnership with Saltability, Seagull Services employees measure, package and label Himalayan salts and Saltability products for wholesale and retail purchase.

To learn more about Seagull Services, visit or call 561-842-5814.

Promoting Education and Empowerment in Pakistan

To support the people of Pakistan, Saltability sells pouches, called batwa, made by women in the Himalayan mountains and donates a portion of the money from every sale toward two nonprofit organizations that help these efforts: The Citizens Foundation, USA and the Hunar Foundation. Approximately 100 women help in crafting the pouches from the cloth weaving to the hand embroidery and stitching. For information about purchasing batwa for retail sale to help this effort, please click here.

The Citizens Foundation, USA was set up in 1995 by a group of citizens concerned about the poor state of education in Pakistan. It has established 1,060 school units nationwide and has engendered an enrollment of 165,000 students as of 2015. To encourage female enrollment, 50% of students must be female.

The Hunar Foundation builds tangible work opportunities for people in Pakistan. It aims to “create a new cadre of skilled Pakistanis with intentionally recognized technical qualifications,” which, in turn, creates opportunities that can change lives.

To learn more about The Citizens Foundation, USA, its mission and how you can help, please visit  

For more information about the Hunar Foundation, please visit at

Providing clean and safe drinking water

To support safe drinking water programs worldwide, Saltability donates $1 for each Saltability treatment room kit sold to charity:water.

A nonprofit organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations, charity:water gives 100% of its donations directly clean water programs in 24 countries around the globe, focusing on providing rural communities with access to clean water.

Learn more about charity:water at

At Saltability, we are committed to more than improving the spa and wellness industry, plus the environment and our community. We are proud to be a 2019 ISPA Innovate Award Winner in the Leadership and Philanthropy category.