Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Made from 100% pure Himalayan salt hand-mined in the Himalayan Mountains, Saltability’s beautiful Himalayan salt lamps are a great addition for retail sale in your spa or to enhance your wellness spaces and treatment rooms by creating an optimal healing environment for spa guests.

Himalayan salt lamps balance the negative and positive ions in the environment, creating a calming, grounding effect to help boost wellness. Once lit, the lamp emits a beautiful rose glowand the warmed salt releases negative ions into the air, creating an effect like an ionizer. In essence, it acts as a natural air purifier by counteracting the harmful electromagnetic fields emitted from electronics around us.

How do salt lamps work?

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Natural settings, like beaches and waterfalls, are where most negative ions are created. Himalayan salt — originally derived from the oceans — is filled with negative ions. When activated, the negative ions naturally neutralize the positive ions created by the electric smog of our TVs, smartphones and tablets. That means, with Himalayan salt lamps, rebalancing the environment is as simple as flipping a switch.

The optimal perimeter of effect forHimalayan salt lamps depend upon their size. Larger rooms benefit fromlarger lamps, or select multiple smaller lamps to expand the benefit area. Overall, the bigger the lamp (in pounds), the wider the radius and the more negative ions are emitted for greater benefit.

Contact us at (561) 515-5142 or info@saltability.com for more information and wholesale pricing and to take advantage of this special New Year offer. 

Saltability salt lamps are made with 100% hand-mined Himalayan salt and have UL-rated cords.

"We recently introduced Himalayan salt lamps from Saltability in our nail salon. The visual effect is lovely as they create a warm and soft glow in the room. The clients also share that they feel more grounded and relaxed, which is exactly what we seek in our luxury spa operation. Thanks to our salt lamps, we provide a more authentic and natural environment for our associates and our guests." — Travis Anderson,  Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa 

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