Boost Your Mood with a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Boost Your Mood with a Himalayan Salt Lamp

How do Himalayan salt lamps work?
Himalayan salt was named a top spa trend for 2016 by American Spa, and top spas across the country are choosing Himalayan salt for treatments and to create a more healing environment for their guests. Why? Because simply having warmed Himalayan salt around you can make a big difference in the way you think and feel.
More specifically, Himalayan salt lamps can help reduce problems associated with:
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Mental and stress-related disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Respiratory problems
  • Allergies
  • Arthritis

Many of these benefits come into effect as soon as you turn the light on. It all comes down to ions — and the balance between negative and positive.
Boost the negative to think positive

This might sound counterintuitive, but boosting the negative ions in the environment around you is a proven way to elevate your mood. Natural settings (think forests, beaches and waterfalls) are where most negative ions are created, so it makes sense that Himalayan salt — originally derived from the oceans — is filled with negative ions. And tapping into those negative ions can lead to big-time health benefits.

Unfortunately for us, positive ions are hard to escape. TVs, computers, smartphones, microwaves and other electronics emit positive ions — also known as “electric smog” — that can leave us feeling drained and down. Excessive positive ions in our home can also come from bacteria, mold and allergens.

Here’s the good news: When you turn on a Himalayan salt lamp, the negative ions it naturally emits seek out and attach to the excess positive ions around us and essentially neutralize their effect. It’s like nature’s way of rebalancing our environment — and it’s as easy as flipping a switch.

How it works

  1. Turn on the Himalayan salt lamp. The bulb inside will heat the salt crystals.
  2. Salt is hygroscopic, which means it has the ability to attract and hold water molecules from its surrounding environment. As the bulb heats up, the salt crystals in the lamp will attract the water in the atmosphere. That’s why in a damp environment, your lamp might even look wet when it’s in use.
  3. Negative ions are then emitted from the water that evaporates from the lamp’s heat.

By the time you turn on the lamp, it’s already hard at work. In addition to the health benefits listed above, Himalayan salt lamps can:

  • Ionize the room (so put it in the space where your family spends the most time)
  • Boost our mood by reducing artificial frequencies from electronics that drain our energy and leave us feeling down
  • Heal and calm the body by producing rainbow-spectrum light waves

Are you ready to introduce those benefits into your home? Our favorite Himalayan salt lamps are all made with 100 percent pure Himalayan salt hand mined in the Himalayan Mountains.

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