GWI Round Table brings Saltability and WHIS Together in Spreading Global Wellness Awareness

GWI Round Table brings Saltability and WHIS Together in Spreading Global Wellness Awareness

I have the honor of serving as the co-chair of Global Wellness Institute’s (GWI) Salt & Halotherapy Initiative, as well as the South Atlantic Ambassador for the Global Wellness Institute Mentorship Program. This past week I attended the Global Wellness Institute Round Table that was moderated by Christine Clinton, of Christine Clinton Cancer Center, who is the Chair of Global Wellness for Children.

Clinton is a full believer in Saltability and the benefits of Himalayan Salt, and also a Saltability trainer/international educator in Ireland. We spent the day talking about global wellness for children and the programs we can implement to help keep families and children healthy in body and mind.

Gareth Presch, who moderated the “Wellness Tourism” panel, struck me as an impressive and innovative advocate for wellness. Presch’s panel shared insights into gaining a better understanding about the global wellness traveler. After the panel, Presch and I connected to learn more about his company World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS).

"WHIS is a global platform that supports people and communities to improve their health and wellbeing - think of Facebook only a Healthbook with purpose" Gareth Presch, CEO, Founder of World Health Innovation Summit.

Do you want the best, most effective health care system? If your answer is yes, you too should get involved! WHIS is a way for the whole world to get together and share ideas and solutions for effective health care. I am so excited to start collaborating with Presch on incorporating Himalayan salt into world health and wellness, please take a look at all the great things he and his team are doing at World Health Innovation Summit.

Saltability and WHIS share the same moral responsibility to promote health and wellness worldwide. At Saltability, we offer eco-friendly spa products such as Himalayan salt massage stones and warmers, Himalayan salt for bath, salt tables, and salt walls. For more information on installing a salt wall at your spa, visit Himalayan Source.

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