Global Wellness Summit Points to Emphasis on Clean Air as One of 2018’s Top Wellness Trends

Global Wellness Summit Points to Emphasis on Clean Air as One of 2018’s Top Wellness Trends

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI), a nonprofit aimed at education on preventive health and wellness, recently released its 2018 Global Wellness Trends Report at the Global Wellness Summit in New York City. We’re excited to see salt therapy as part of the fifth wellness trend:  

 Getting our “Clean Air Act” Together
Taking personal responsibility for the air we breathe
Global Wellness Summit reports:
The toxins in the air that we breathe (both indoors and out) have become a catastrophic invisible killer, responsible for the premature deaths of 6.5 million people worldwide. Over 90% of the world’s population now breathe air that violates air quality guidelines: countries like China and India are smothered in toxic air, while the (energy efficient) airtight buildings in developed nations can prove just as deadly. As the gravity of this issue becomes clearer – and disagreements over standards get left on the table by governments – we will see individuals owning their own “clean air acts.” 
This can mean filling our homes and offices with plants, donning chic air pollution masks, actively monitoring indoor air quality using new sensors and apps, investing in devices that purify the air around us (even within the confines of our cars), adopting the storm of new pollution-fighting beauty regimes, embracing more salt therapy and breathwork training, or choosing “lung-cleansing” travel destinations. Significantly, this trend will put more pressure on businesses and governments to take action against the ultra-fine particulates that are dirtying our air.”

Salt therapy emits negative ions when heated, which allows your body to absorb the 84 nutrients within the Himalayan salt. Please see a case study on our website about the clinical research on crystal salt.
"Living in the United States, we have access to some of the cleanest air," says Saltability Founder and CEO Ann Brown. "However, our air quality could still see improvements, and that's why I'm excited to see efforts to obtain cleaner air. This is a trend for this year that we should carry on in the years to come." 

Embracing the clean air trend is easy with Saltability. We offer salt wallssalt panels for saunas, and salt lamps (we even have an aromatherapy salt lamp). The salt walls and salt panels can be customized to adhere to your spa’s aesthetic. These additions will create a healthy atmosphere in your spa and provide benefits for not only your clients, but your therapists too.

"Your clients and therapists will benefit from the presence of a salt wall, panel, or lamp," says Saltability Founder and CEO Ann Brown. "Once you've experienced a treatment with Himalayan salt, you will fall in love. Trust me, it happened to me and ever since I've been on a mission to share intentional healthy living." 

Please contact us for more information on adding a salt wall, panel or lamp to your spa. 

One of our salt walls at The Langham Place, New York.


A salt wall panel that we offer for homes, offices, or wellness facilities.

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Michaela Garretson

Hi i love all of your idea’s to use the salt stones . What great experience i was for the fist time at the Los Vegas show esthetics last fall and i would love to use your techniques in my spa . i would like to know the price and if we can follow your classes it would be fantastic . we are estheticians and massage therapists 3 of us are interested in my spa . i would love for you to reach me
i am in Canada Quebec south shore of Montreal .

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