Himalayan Salt Panel

Take your sauna’s health benefits to a new level with the addition of Himalayan salt – Create a clean, pure, bacteria-free environment that detoxifies and replenishes the body. 

Pink granular Himalayan salt panel

Our Himalayan Salt Panel makes it easy to add healing Himalayan salt to your home, office or wellness facility. 

Ideal for adding to a sauna where dry heat activates the Himalayan salt blocks, transforming them into ionizers.

Add to any setting for $249. Contact Himalayan Source for updates on this product's availability.

The beautiful panel features hand-carved Himalayan salt, created when the ancient Primal Sea, where scientists and scholars believe all life originated, was dried up by energy from the sun. Himalayan salt replenishes the body with 84 naturally occurring minerals to boost wellness.


Long-lasting LED lighting adds a beautiful ambient glow to the panels and enhances the salt’s natural healing properties.

Easy to install. Requires no special tools or skills.

Pink granular style with side wood trim weighing approx. 12.5 lbs.
Size: 25.5" x 17 5/8" Depth 3/4"


Pink brick style with side wood trim weighing approx. 35 lbs.
Size: 25 3/4" x 17 3/4" Depth: 1 7/16"

Pink chunk style with side wood trim weighing approx. 12 lbs.
Size: 22" x 14.5" Depth: 1/2"

Easily incorporate beautiful Himalayan salt décor into your wellness spaces, treatment rooms and saunas with our specially designed salt frames. Choose from standard pink salt or upgrade to white salt for a distinctive look (please inquire for details)​ 

  • 100 percent pure Himalayan salt
  • Pink or white salt (premium option) or mixed upon request
  • Pre-fabricated panels with wood trim.
  • Have trim custom painted to match wall color for an additional fee.

    Pink or white, 1”x8”x4” tiles
    Pink or white, 2-3mm granular
    Pink or white, 1”-3” chunks
    Pink and white may be mixed on request.

    white Himalayan salt white Himalayan salt option


    To place an order or for more information, please call or email.