Counting My Blessings ...

Counting My Blessings ...

I am in full spa director mode right now.

For the past 16 years, I’ve been a spa director at Spa Shiki at The Lodge of Four Seasons. It’s been the best job ever, and I cannot believe that 16 years have just rolled by and left me shaking my head — in a good way — wondering where the time has gone.

When I came up with the notion of Saltability, put pen to paper about what it might take and started an LLC in late 2014, I felt it was in my best interest to keep my “day” job just in case. I’m an optimist for sure, but I’m also very reality based and didn’t want to throw all my eggs (or dollars) into one basket that eventually might not work.

Fast-forward 16 months, and Saltability is starting to rock and roll — and I am elated! I love dealing with new clients, communicating the brand message and educating the therapists so they can roll that out to the guests. It truly fills up my heart.

With Saltability’s continued growth, I decided last month that July 1 will be my last day at Spa Shiki, and I have a great sense of peace about the decision. I let the staff, owner and controller know of this date a month ago, and I am preparing the spa and the talented ladies who will fill my shoes each day.

With that being said, I’ve started to take an inventory of policies and procedures, and I’m looking at all the fine details to make sure I leave the business in great shape.

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is how our payroll is so regulated now, and I truly believe this is because of the timers we have on our Saltability warmers for Himalayan salt stone massage. 

Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Warmers for Salt Stone Massage

These timers go on (after a one-time setup) 35 minutes before the spa opens so the unit is ready. The hand-carved Himalayan salt stones are heated up, so when the therapists come in a few minutes before their shift, the unit is ready and waiting for them to use as a treatment or a service enhancement with a traditional Swedish or deep-tissue massage. We pay our hands-on staff hourly and commission, too, and we always used to have them clock in 30 to 40 minutes before their shift or first appointment to allow setup time for the turkey roasters and basalt stones. No more!

With the new timers, we’ve saved thousands of dollars on payroll, and our therapists are so happy to come in and not have to do any setup.

I think the warmer is amazing because it is so low energy (good for your electric bill and eliminating a lot of bad electricity from the treatment room) and operates without water (the turkey roaster typically uses five gallons a day). It also doesn’t use any chemicals (disinfectants often have lots of toxic chemicals — but not ours), and it is U.S.-engineered. I always thought these benefits were enough (and they are great!), but I did want to mention the payroll aspect and, more importantly, your happy therapists.

Keep in mind, the therapists are now doing zero setup, they’re getting negative ions in the treatment room, they’re holding mineral-rich and alkaline Himalayan salts that bring a multitude of benefits to them, and they have no messy, labor-intensive cleanup. It’s a win, win, win!

I have been blessed with the best career as a spa director (licensed LMT, esthetician, nail technician and cosmetologist, too) for the past 22 years, and this transition into Saltability just feels right.

Thank you to the many who embraced my idea, wanted to place an order immediately, gave me good constructive advice and supported me along the way.

Thank you all. On to a new chapter!

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