Ann Brown Honored to be 2019 International Spa Association Innovation Award Winner

Ann Brown Honored to be 2019 International Spa Association Innovation Award Winner

What an honor to be among the winners of the 2019 International Spa Association Innovation Award In Las Vegas this month! I was truly elated to be on the stage at The Venetian, yet I couldn’t help feeling humbled as I thought about what brought me to this point in my life.

My journey from a recent college grad working as a part-time, hands-on practitioner at PGA National in 1994, to opening resort spas for years, to transitioning in 2014 to starting Saltability that now serves clients around the world has been almost surreal in emotions ... And I've had to push through some fears/emotions that sometimes had me truly paralyzed in ways. Exceeding goals (big or small) often made me feel as if I was having an out-of-body experience!

At the beginning of my career, I was lucky enough to meet “that teacher” who helped me with a chronic health condition and opened my eyes to the true healing power that this spa industry provides. And to be honest, I have been saying “lucky me” ever since.

Lucky to have met so many amazing people who have become lifelong friends, to have experienced such an incredible variety of life’s nuggets (some good ... some bad — but always learning) and to have had so many opportunities presented to me. Lucky to have had two healthy babies — now smart, loving and kind teenagers that impress me every day. Lucky to have been steered into an industry that had no formal degree or clear pathway to success, yet found me at the perfect time in 1994.

Yes – lucky me!

This “lucky me” attitude has given me so much joy. I think the attitude we carry, the presence we emit each day and the opinions or judgments we make in our heads all contribute to that luck. Our strength comes when we can find and keep our perspective that everything is just working out for us — even when it isn’t. There were times I got down, but I allowed myself that time to be down and reached out to friends that could help me up — I kept choosing to feel happy, blessed and lucky each day, and as I write this ... I still feel like things are working out and today is a gift, a true gift!!! 

So please – keep dreaming, keep reaching, and stay positive. 

Best wishes and thank you for your friendship/support and this incredible honor of our third ISPA Innovation Award!


Ann Brown
Founder & CEO of Saltability 

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