4 Top Spa Destinations to Research Himalayan Salt Stone Massage and Salt Concepts in 2019

4 Top Spa Destinations to Research Himalayan Salt Stone Massage and Salt Concepts in 2019

If you're considering adding a salt concept to your property or salt treatment to your spa, there is no shortage of inspiration in the industry. Saltability has compiled a list of four must-visit places to explore potential Himalayan salt spa experiences.

1. Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa, Jamaica (Himalayan salt halotherapy lounge)

Recently used as a location for an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa in Jamaica boasts a Himalayan salt halotherapy lounge — a dimly lit, softly glowing, soothing room with walls made of tightly packed, warmed salt blocks from Pakistan.

"After researching the vast benefits of salt therapy and being drawn to the absolute beauty of this calming natural element, I was extremely passionate about bringing aspects of Himalayan salt to the Grande Spa," says Spa Manager Sienna Creasy. "(Ann and Stewart from Himalayan Source) helped our team understand how to create something brand-new and be proud of the efforts from learning from the creators. It's a very special space and a dream come true. Guests never want to leave."

Creasy adds that the "showstopper" is the Himalayan sea salt halotherapy lounge: "After 30 minutes in here, guests report that their congestion is gone, their energy level is up and their head space cleared."



2. The Langham, New York, Fifth Avenue (Himalayan salt sauna wall)

Chuan Body + Soul, the spa at The Langham, New York, Fifth Avenue, offers an array of treatments that range from signature escapes and massages to hydrafacials to detox rituals and more. In 2017, the spa added a Himalayan salt wall to boost guests' health and wellness and add to its sauna's overall ambience.

"Enhancing our sauna with the benefits of the Himalayan salts not only adds another layer of health benefits but it creates an aesthetic to the environment and a sense of calmness," says Nicole Yih, spa director at Langham-New York.

"The wellness benefits along with the aesthetics of the pure salt really create a sense of place and calmness for our guests."


3. Spa Montage Laguna Beach (Salt and Stone Kur)

Located in California, Spa Montage Laguna Beach provides guests with countless opportunities to find relaxation — and an exceptional spa treatment that features Himalayan salt. Book a Salt and Stone Kur:

Purifying and re-mineralizing salt crystals from around the world soften and exfoliate the skin while stimulating circulation. Submerge into ocean botanical infused water to soak away tension, and relax the nerves as your enjoy a delightful scalp and neck massage. Discover inner balance with a refreshing juniper, pink grapefruit and lemon oil massage, incorporating heated Himalayan salt stones for full body muscle relief. $345 for 90 minutes; $435 for 120 minutes.


4. Cavallo Point – the Lodge at the Golden Gate (Infrared Salt Ritual)

The spa at this San Francisco retreat, Healing Arts Center & Spa, presents the Infrared Salt Ritual among other offerings. 

This restorative and detoxifying treatment pairs 100 percent pure Himalayan salt crystals and stones with an Amethyst BioMat that warms and nourishes the body with far infrared rays and negative ions. The dynamic combo of exfoliation, infrared wrap, and a warmed salt stone massage deeply relaxes, restores vital minerals, eases pain, stimulates cellular detoxification, improves circulation, balances blood pH, and replenishes sore and tired muscles. Essential oils of Himalayan cedar and frankincense are used to ground the nervous system and quiet the mind. 120 minutes. $345.

"Our staff LOVES working with the stones," says then Cavallo Point Spa Treatment Manager Shaw Coté. "The timers make a huge difference. We’re able to leave them on all day to ionize the rooms and be beautiful!"


If you'd like more information on adding a Himalayan salt concept or treatment to your hotel or spa, email us at info@saltability.com or call us at 561-515-5142.

Looking for research on Himalayan salt stone massage treatments? Check out this recent study. Results have shown that guests have more positive feedback about Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Massage over a massage without Himalayan salt stones. Read this recap of a survey conducted by Chuan Spa at The Langham, Chicago for more details.

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