Langham Chicago Spa Survey Respondents Report Positive Impression and Better-feeling Skin with Himalayan Salt Massage

Langham Chicago Spa Survey Respondents Report Positive Impression and Better-feeling Skin with Himalayan Salt Massage

InHimalayan Salt Stone Massage Study a four-month-long research effort by Chuan Spa at the Langham Chicago, spa-goers were surveyed regarding their satisfaction after receiving a Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone massage. Of the 300 participants, 83 percent reported they would prefer to schedule a Himalayan Salt Massage, in comparison to a massage without Himalayan salt stones, for their next massage.

The majority of respondents noted they felt better following the Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Massage they received, in comparison to how they felt after receiving a massage that did not feature Himalayan salt stones. Of those surveyed, 78 percent had not previously received a Himalayan salt stone massage.

“This survey provides hard data to support what we were already seeing anecdotally at the Langham – our guests have responded very positively to our Himalayan salt stone massage,” says William Wesley Meyers, regional director of spa, North America, Langham Hotels & Resorts. “Therapists are able to achieve great results by placing salt stones in key areas to aid in melting restrictive fascia and work deeply into the muscles, and the mineral-rich salt stones provide nourishment and light exfoliation to the skin itself.”

Sixty-two percent of survey respondents indicated their skin felt better after the Himalayan salt stone massage compared to how their skin felt after a non-Himalayan salt stone massage.

Global Halotherapy Solutions founder and CEO Steve Spiro and Saltability founder and CEO Ann Brown serve as the chair and vice chair for the Global Wellness Institute’s Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative, dedicated to investigating the effects of the wide range of salt therapies and providing guidance for those businesses and spa practitioners who want to understand and best utilize salt therapy to benefit their clientele.

In 2018, Forbes presented Chuan Spa and the Langham Chicago each with five-star awards for excellence. Known for its timeless British style and legendary service, the Langham Chicago was also rated the top spa in Chicago and the number 13 hotel in the continental United States by Travel+Leisure.

With 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements, Saltability’s pure Himalayan salt benefits the body by stimulating circulation, detoxifying, improving sleep, reducing inflammation, calming the nervous system, and reducing the signs of aging. In addition to the hands-on benefits of the Himalayan salt stones, Saltability’s specially designed, eco-friendly, U.S.-engineered LED light salt stone warmer uses very little electricity and no chemicals while emitting negative ions to reduce oxidative stress in the treatment room.

Saltability’s products and treatments are found at top spas and wellness destinations worldwide, including Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Four Seasons in London and Hong Kong, Cavallo Point in Sausalito, California, Montage Laguna Beach, and the MGM Macau.

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