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Himalayan Glow White Salt Lamp


Himalayan Glow White Salt Lamp

Please contact us if you are interested in this product.

Please call 561-515-5142, ext. 100 between 9 and 3 EST, Monday through Friday, to order. This item is not available for purchase online. 

Special offer — 50% off! Made from 100% pure Himalayan white salt, the rarest form of Himalayan salt. White salt is most free of impurities, but still rich in negative ions. Once lit, the warmed salt releases the negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air. The soft, warm glow helps ease anxiety and create a soothing and relaxed atmosphere. Limited quantities — Only available for a limited time!

Call (561) 515-5142 and ask for the special 50% off offer for the Himalayan Glow White Salt Lamp.

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