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Therapeutic Massage Table Topper

Used atop a warmed massage table, the Therapeutic Massage Table Topper infuses the natural healing benefits of Himalayan salt, amplified by quartz, into every service and treatment.

This unique therapeutic table topper uses a base of pure, all natural Himalayan salt and healing quartz (93% pure) sand which can be warmed to the desired temperature.

The warm sand helps to alleviate pain and promote comfort, and the Himalayan salt brings the body into its natural biorhythms, mineralizes and reduces oxidative stress on the body.

As the client reclines, the sand conforms to the body to release muscular tension and conform to the body on the massage table. 

The Therapeutic Massage Table Topper starts at $839 (without heating unit) or $959 (heating unit included).

This product is available for purchase by professional customers only. If you are a massage therapist or spa owner/director/manager, please visit to log in or to request access.