Himalayan Salt Sauna Retro Kit

Optimize your underutilized traditional sauna with the numerous benefits of Himalayan salt — Convert it to a detoxifying dry sauna.

Take your sauna’s health benefits to a new level with the addition of Himalayan salt – Create a clean, pure, bacteria-free environment that detoxifies and replenishes the body.

Warmed Himalayan salt gives off negative ions that help to relieve anxiety, reduce stress, improve sleep, reduce indoor air pollution and allergens, and more.

As guests breathe in the ion-infused air, the salt replenishes the body with 84 naturally occurring minerals found in Himalayan salt but lost from our environment due to pollution and everyday stressful living.

Himalayan Salt Detox Foot Trays add a relaxed vibe to the sauna experience and may help remove blocked energy along with all those unwanted toxins. Part of the detox experience using the foot tray means clients will sweat more from their feet and hands, enhancing purification and cleansing as toxins are released and the 84 naturally occurring minerals are absorbed. 
Himalayan Salt Sauna Retro Kit includes 
  • a 66" x 34" Himalayan salt panel (choice of blocks or granular salt)
  • 2 Himalayan Salt Detox Foot Trays
  • 55 lbs. of Himalayan salt chunks
  • a custom sign with your spa’s logo
    Standard 66" x 34" Salt Frame with coarse, pink salt



    Himalayan Salt Detox Foot Tray



    This product is available for purchase from our sister company, Himalayan Source. If you are interested in purchasing, please visit HimalayanSource.comcall +1-888-576-3525, or email info@himalayansource.com.

    Add on …

    Decon 30, a hospital-grade, nontoxic disinfectant. Just spray, wait 10 minutes, wipe tray and salt stones dry, and use again.

    Detox salt stones placed in your client’s hands to enhance the detox experience.