Salt Detox Foot Trays

Boosts sauna detox effects and eases fatigue.

Many Eastern cultures believe blocked energy resides in the hands and feet. Add the detox tray to your sauna to create a relaxed vibe – Plus help free blocked energy and remove toxins.

How it works

When used in sauna, the detox tray stimulates increased sweating – the body’s natural way of releasing a lot of harmful toxins – from feet.

Enhances purification and cleansing as toxins are released from the body and the Himalayan salt’s 84 naturally occurring minerals are absorbed.

A good sweat can reduce pain, clear up skin, rid the body of pollutants and lead to an overall better mood.

Himalayan salt detox foot tray 

The sauna foot detox tray is available for only $83! Buy now.

Complimentary bonus – Receive a detox circuit protocol, with purchase, to use with your clients in any traditional sauna.

Actual Size: 1” x 4” x 10” 

The perfect fit for almost any female foot (and most men’s feet will fit with the toes
hanging slightly over the edge.)

Optional: Purchase Decon 30 (hospital-grade, nontoxic disinfectant)for easy care and cleaning. Just spray, wait 10 minutes to kill any possible contaminants, wipe tray and salt stones dry, and use again. 

Add more benefits for your clients with ...

Detox salt stones – Place in client’s hands to enhance detox.

Sole – An alkaline, Himalayan salt drink to help electrify and balance the body. (Enhance the flavor by adding your choice of fruit.)

Himalayan Bath Salt – Exfoliate hands and feet with a mixture of fine salt, water and oil prior to detox circuit. (Protocol available with purchase.)