Private Halotherapy Experience

Turn your treatment room into a salt therapy room.

Changes in the world due to COVID-19 mean it's time to innovate. With a private halotherapy experience, you maximize client wellness and business revenues while minimizing human contact for guests and delivering multiple therapy modalities.

No commission cost required to operate. Offer as a standalone treatment with no therapist commission and/or offer as an add-on/upgrade in conjunction with a facial or massage.

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Designed to serve a single guest at a time, a private halotherapy experience creates a safe environment.

With a private halotherapy experience, a client or member benefits from true halotherapy in a private environment. The experience features ...

  • halotherapy — breathing in pharmaceutical grade particles of salt from a halogenerator
  • the soothing view of an aesthetically pleasing, glowing Himalayan salt wall
  • healing and relaxation on a massage table that provides far infrared heat therapy combined with gemstones, pulsed electromagnetic held therapy (PEMF) and LED light therapy
  • guided meditation to restore body, mind and spirit.

Warmed Himalayan salt is believed to reduce oxidative stress, creating a relaxing, healing environment for guests.

Halotherapy stimulates the body's internal processes for cleansing the respiratory tract and strengthening lung function.

With halotherapy, or dry salt therapy, a spa guest relaxes and breathes deeply in a controlled dry salt aerosol environment. Dry pharmaceutical grade salt is heated, then ground and crushed into micro-particles. The halogenerator disperses these micro-particles into the air to be inhaled.

Halotherapy provides symptomatic relief for conditions such as ...

  • allergies (mold, pollen, ragweed)

  • asthma

  • bronchitis and bronchial infections

  • pneumonia

  • sinusitis

  • acne

  • dermatitis

  • eczema

  • dry and flaky skin

  • psoriasis

  • skin aging

  • skin inflammation

  • rosacea

  • and more

A far infrared therapy mat turns a massage table into a healing relaxation table in a private halotherapy experience room.

Halotherapy and Far Infrared Therapy Combine for Soothing Warmth, Healing Luxury

The private halotherapy experience includes the use of a far infrared therapy mat that delivers 5 natural therapies.

  1. Hot stone therapy
  2. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
  3. Far infrared therapy
  4. Negative ion therapy
  5. Photon light therapy

​The far infrared therapy mat that combines five natural therapies with three healing gemstones — tourmaline, amethyst and jade — to temporarily enhance local circulation, relax muscles and joints, reduce pains associated with arthritis and chronic illness, improve energy levels and mood, and stimulate cells to promote overall wellness.


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