Ion Salt Table

This product is available for purchase from our sister company, Himalayan Source. If you are interested in purchasing, please visit HimalayanSource.comcall +1-888-576-3525, or email

A one-of-a-kind spa treatment table … Healing waves of sound and music combine with the warm, soothing comfort of Himalayan salt in Saltability and TouchAmerica’s Ion Salt Table. This unique table produces a profound effect on your clients’ overall sense of well-being.

The Ion Salt Table combines a transformational sound-healing massage with So Sound® Acoustic Resonance Technology and Himalayan salt, long known to enhance health by producing negative ions which support stress reduction, energy increases, and mood boosts at a biochemical level.


  • Heated granular salt crystals, suspended on a flexible hammock
  • Professional-grade 220-watt heater rests under the salt, providing warmth and releasing the salt’s healing negative ions
  • Push button adjustments provide height and tilt function for ease of use and comfort
  • Warming drawer keeps towels and heat transferring products warm and ready
  • Sound Hearts™ work with headphones for a blissful experience

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