Himalayan Salt Pod

Convenient, quick and positively impactful for your pulmonary health! No need to undress or change clothes, simply sit and inhale deeply in a comfortable environment rich with the benefits of halotherapy. A 30-minute Himalayan Source salt pod session gives time for meditation or, for busy professionals, to stay in business attire, make phone calls, conduct a Zoom meeting or answer emails. Use the time as desired — while you breathe in the pharmaceutical grade salt dispensed by the halogenerator!
This product is available for purchase from our sister company, Himalayan Source. If you are interested in purchasing, please visit HimalayanSource.com, call +1-888-576-3525, or email info@himalayansource.com.
Pay this unit off in as little as 12 weeks with 70% utilization — no commission necessary — paying pennies for pharma grade salt! 
Himalayan Source Himalayan Salt Pod
Comes ready to assemble with mounting hardware precut and ceiling panels already assembled — ready to set in place.

Halotherapy uses a natural, basic mineral — pure sodium chloride (salt). Sodium chloride is an essential element for the regulation of mucus in the lungs and upper respiratory system. It cleanses the respiratory tract and strengthens lung function by stimulating the body’s internal processes. Simply inhale and exhale while in the halotherapy room. The tiny, negatively ionized salt micro-particles will help improve your breathing and more. Safe, 100% natural and healthy — Halotherapy improves breathing and achieves symptomatic relief from respiratory and skin ailments.

  • Cleanses the respiratory tract
  • Improves lung function
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps you breathe more easily
  • Improves skin health
  • Increases athletic performance