Turkey Brine Recipe

Turkey Brine Recipe

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and I have never been so aware of all I have to be thankful for! What a wonderful time of year to get together with loved ones and take in all of life's blessings. Keeping my family eating healthy during the holidays is so important to me. Of course, it's always nice to indulge a little, but I like to be health-conscious for my family when I can. I wanted to share how to get a delicious, juicy turkey, using what else, Himalayan Salts! I like to brine my turkey for a full 24 hours before roasting it to give it full favor and to ensure my bird won't be dry. This recipe is for a 20 lb. turkey. I use a clean, new bucket to brine my bird in; however, if you have a stockpot big enough, or you will be cooking a smaller turkey, use that instead.


2c Himalayan Salt

4T dried rosemary

4T whole peppercorn

4T dried sage

4T dried thyme

8 bay leaves

A little under 2 gallons of water (about 30 cups)


Remove any giblets, pat the bird dry, and set aside.  Put the dry ingredients in the bucket and then add the water.  Stir this well until all the salt is dissolved.  Carefully add the turkey to the brine.  Place the bucket in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Once the turkey has been in the brine for the correct amount of time, you will want to rinse the turkey well and pat dry.  Now you can use that turkey roaster for what it is meant to be used for!  Roast your turkey with your desired recipe and enjoy!  

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