Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa Adds  Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Massage to Spa Menu

Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa Adds Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Massage to Spa Menu

PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA – For guests seeking deep relaxation and maximum vitality and health restoration, Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa recently added Himalayan Salt Stone Massage from Saltability to its treatment menu.


The Asian-inspired services in twelve indoor and outdoor treatment rooms and outdoor Watsu pool create a luxurious and tranquil 53 private acre Zen environment.  The Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort  & Spa received the “Top Five Hotel Spa in the Continental U.S.” award by Travel + Leisure in 2014 and continues being one of the top spas in the country.


Delivering more health benefits in comparison to a traditional hot stone massage, Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa’s new Himalayan Salt Stone Massage offers a therapeutic treatment for guests through the use of Saltability’s organic salt stones, mined from the Himalayan Mountains. With 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements, Saltability’s pure Himalayan salt benefits the body by stimulating circulation, detoxifying, improving sleep, reducing inflammation, calming the nervous system, and reducing the signs of aging.


Inducing deep relaxation, Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa’s Himalayan Salt Stone Massage balances the central nervous system and nourishes depleted cells in the body. The treatment features a warmed Himalayan salt stone massaged over the body using a specific sequence of massage to balance the body’s meridians, or energy channels. Drawing upon traditional Chinese medicine therapy, the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage grounds and balances the body's electromagnetic field, and the pressure, motion, and thermal effects used during the treatment work to replenish nutrients in the connective tissue while creating deep relaxation.


In addition to the hands-on benefits of the Himalayan salt stones, Saltability’s specially designed, eco-friendly, U.S.-engineered LED light salt stone warmer uses very little electricity and no chemicals while emitting negative ions to reduce oxidative stress in the treatment room.


Founder and owner of Saltability, Ann Brown, says “I am elated to be working with a top spa with such a prestigious reputation. The healing impacts of Himalayan Salt will ensure peace and serenity for all guests.”



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