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Saltability Introduces New Therapeutic Massage Table Topper

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage ISPA Saltability

LAKE OZARK, MISSOURI — Saltability, a spa industry partner that provides quality Himalayan salt stone treatments and products for resort, day, medical and destination spas, announced today the launch of the Therapeutic Massage Table Topper — filled with 55 pounds of pure, fine Himalayan salt and five pounds of 93 percent pure therapeutic quartz. Used atop a warmed massage table, the first-of-its-kind topper infuses natural healing benefits into every service and treatment.

Saltability founder Ann Brown developed the new table topper when considering how to bring additional health benefits to spa guests with an enhancement that spas can easily and affordably invest in.

“The quartz takes all of those healing benefits of the Himalayan salt and amplifies them,” Brown said. “That, and it has therapeutic healing benefits all on its own. It really is an amazing combination.”

Saltability’s new table topper combines Himalayan salt’s natural benefits with healing quartz sand. Distributed in sections along the upper, mid- and lower torso, the Himalayan salt and quartz used in the table topper are a fine grain sand, cradling the body in comfort and giving the feeling of lying on the beach.

Used for centuries for its healing properties, warm quartz sand releases muscle tension, alleviates pain and purifies the body of toxins. Quartz is also an amplifier of energies and boosts the benefits of the Himalayan salt in the table topper. This healing quartz is certified to be 93 percent pure from Arkansas, the state with the most abundant supply of healing quartz.

Himalayan salt is prized in the spa industry for its numerous health benefits. Containing 84 essential minerals, including iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium, the 100 percent pure mineral salt has been reported to promote healthy blood sugar and better sleep, act as a detoxifier, promote healthy pH balances in the body, help lower blood pressure, support a healthy respiratory system and more.

“It feels like you’re lying on the beach,” Brown says. “And it’s every bit as relaxing. By warming the massage table, we’re heating the quartz and Himalayan salt, which allows them to emit negative ions into the treatment room and deliver multiple benefits to our clients.”

Because massage tables often come with a heating component, the Therapeutic Massage Table Topper can be sold with or without a table warmer. Professional cost is $699 for the topper alone or $799 when sold with the warmer. The healing Himalayan salt/quartz can be changed every year, with zippers allowing for easy replacement and years of therapeutic use.

“Similar tables filled with quartz can sell for upward of $15,000 or more,” Brown says. “This is my way of bringing the healing benefits of Himalayan salt and quartz at a much lower cost. I’m thrilled that more clients and therapists will have the chance to experience this powerful combination.”

Saltability will debut the Therapeutic Massage Table Topper at the 2016 ISPA International Convention, to be held Sept. 13 – 15 in Las Vegas.

Saltability features 100 percent pure pink Himalayan salt mined from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan through socially, environmentally responsible manufacturing. For more information about their products and services, visit



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