Saltability and Touch America Launch Joint Venture to Serve Spa Industry’s Himalayan Salt Concept Needs

Saltability and Touch America Launch Joint Venture to Serve Spa Industry’s Himalayan Salt Concept Needs

Himalayan Source Offers Top-Quality Himalayan Salt Walls, Panels and Innovative Equipment for Spa and Wellness Industry

Saltability, the spa industry’s leading, global provider of warmers for Himalayan salt stone massage, and TouchAmerica, a manufacturer of high-quality spa and massage equipment, announce the launch of Himalayan Source, their joint venture to serve the spa industry’s Himalayan salt concept needs. Using their salt therapy manufacturing expertise and understanding of ergonomics, human engineering and kinesiology, Himalayan Source offers a full line of salt room accessories to suit individual circumstances and complement any spa or wellness space.

“With more and more spas looking to embrace the benefits of Himalayan salt, we saw a need not only for high-quality products that will stand the test of time but also economical options that are realistic and obtainable,” says Saltability CEO Ann Brown. “Working together through Himalayan Source, TouchAmerica and Saltability are filling the growing demand for salt concepts, from retrofitting existing saunas to building new salt rooms.”

“Our Himalayan Source partnership broadens and develops the many ways Himalayan salt and salt therapy can enhance wellness for spas, wellness centers, and more,” Stewart Griffith, CEO of TouchAmerica, says. “We are combining Saltability’s dynamic creativity and salt expertise with TouchAmerica’s ability to deliver innovative design solutions, creating stunning new ways for our customers to experience the healing benefits and beauty of Himalayan salt.”

Himalayan Source’s salt therapy line includes salt beds, tables, chairs, saunas (new and retrofit), walls, panels and tiles for treatment rooms. The furnishings are stylish, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use while accommodating each individual’s physical size and circumstances. The salt therapy line provides health and wellness benefits for both spa clients and therapists.

“Everything feels personalized to your space,” Brown says, “And every product we provide offers the healing, calming benefits spas are seeking for their clients.”

Himalayan Source products are created using 100 percent natural Himalayan salt, responsibly sourced from northern Pakistan near the base of the Himalayan Mountains. For more on the company’s mission and complete line of products, visit

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