Sagamore Pendry Baltimore Guests Find Healing Relaxation Through The Healing Path Massage & Wellness and Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Sagamore Pendry Baltimore Guests Find Healing Relaxation Through The Healing Path Massage & Wellness and Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

BALTIMORE, PENNSYLVANIA – Guests at the Sagamore Pendry in Baltimore can now find deep relaxation, maximum vitality, and health restoration through Saltability's Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, now available at The Healing Path Massage & Wellness.

Offering a variety of wellness experiences, including reflexology, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic care, The Healing Path Massage & Wellness serves the nearby Sagamore Pendry Baltimore as their preferred spa. Created by founder Marie Gallagher in 2003, The Healing Path Massage & Wellness offers a safe space for individuals to experience healing, growth, encouragement and support as they move from a place of imbalance and stress to a happy state of calm. 

All licensed massage therapists at The Healing Path Massage & Wellness will be certified by Saltability, an NCBTMB-approved CEU provider, in Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. Delivering more health benefits in comparison to a traditional hot stone massage with basalt stones, Saltability's Himalayan Salt Stone Massage offers a therapeutic treatment for guests through the use of 100 percent pure salt stones, responsibly mined from the Himalayan Mountains. 

"I am thrilled to offer this online course to our team and begin to educate our clients about the benefits of salt stone therapy," Gallagher says. "Saltability founder Ann Brown has taken the time to speak with me directly about the benefits of salt stone massage, has provided me with ideas and support to create really unique massage treatments to add to our menu of services and has also offered support as a fellow businesswoman."

With 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements, Saltability’s pure Himalayan salt benefits the body by stimulating circulation, detoxifying, improving sleep, reducing inflammation, calming the nervous system, and reducing the signs of aging.

“Himalayan salt has so many benefits by bathing in it," says Brown. "My niche is for the spa community is to use Himalayan hand-carved massage stones instead of basalt stones. The mineral-rich nature of the stone is absorbed through the skin and helps the body stay electric.”

Inducing deep relaxation, Saltability's Himalayan Salt Stone Massage balances the central nervous system and nourishes depleted cells in the body. The treatment features a warmed Himalayan salt stone massaged over the body using a specific sequence of massage to balance the body’s meridians, or energy channels. Drawing upon traditional Chinese medicine therapy, the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage grounds and balances the body's electromagnetic field, and the pressure, motion, and thermal effects used during the treatment work to replenish nutrients in the connective tissue while creating deep relaxation.

In addition to the hands-on benefits of the Himalayan salt stones, Saltability’s specially designed, eco-friendly, U.S.-engineered LED light salt stone warmer uses very little electricity and no chemicals while emitting negative ions to reduce oxidative stress in the treatment room.

Poised in the storied 1914 property on Baltimore’s historic Recreation Pier – “Rec Pier” as it’s known to locals – Sagamore Pendry Baltimore embodies the city’s rich history, vibrant personality and idyllic harbor setting with character, inspiration, and style. The Sagamore Pendry’s extensive reputation provides guests with a state of the art stay. Its renovated colonial architecture and beautiful outdoor scenery add to the hotel’s historical significance and charm.

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