New Himalayan Salt Lounge Chair Offers Unique Boost for Spa Guests’ Health

New Himalayan Salt Lounge Chair Offers Unique Boost for Spa Guests’ Health

Spas looking for a way to add unique health benefits for their guests can now boost wellness during guests’ relaxation time through the Atlas Flex-Block Salt Lounge, a new, patent-pending product that is the result of a joint venture by Saltability, providing quality Himalayan salt stone treatments and products for resort, day, medical and destination spas, and spa and salon equipment solutions company Touch America.

Saltability Himalayan Salt Lounge Chair

A heated, ultra-comfortable lounge chair crafted with pure Himalayan salt tiles, the Atlas Flex-Block Salt Lounge offers healing comfort and relaxation to spa guests while delivering the nourishing, replenishing benefits of Himalayan salt.

“Relaxation and functionality were so important in this design,” says Ann Brown, Saltability founder and CEO. “Not only are the heated salt tiles wonderful and relaxing to the body, but the lounge itself is also electronic, moving up and down with the simple push of a remote. That flexibility allows spa therapists to position the chair to address very specific client issues — back pain, muscle pain, you name it.”

To use the lounge, clients lie directly on an innovative flex-top surface, made with pure Himalayan salt tiles that cushion and give way with the body for a comfortable, cradling feel. The electronic remote control feature allows the lounge to move easily from an upright to zero-gravity position, and its solid wood frame and stainless-steel components are built to withstand years of use in spa salt rooms/caves.

“It’s certainly built to last,” Brown says. “Out of respect for our customers, their clients and the environment, we want to produce quality products that can and will be used for the long haul.”

Derived from the Primal Sea, Himalayan salt is one of the Earth’s oldest healing elements, with accounts of its therapeutic use dating back to 1600 BC. The Atlas Flex-Block Salt Lounge builds on that history—its waterproof heater warms the Himalayan salt tiles to release negative ions into the room, which cleans the air to help improve breathing and allergy problems, decrease anxiety, improve sleep and more.   

The Atlas Flex-Block Salt Lounge is preselling now for a March 2017 release (available to professional customers only). Cost is $5,399 (remote control optional, additional charge) and includes a one-year limited warranty. To order, visit or call 888-241-2095.

The Atlas Flex-Block Salt Lounge is the latest in Saltability’s line of innovate new products, including the eco-friendly and U.S-engineered Himalayan Salt Stone Warmer, recently recognized by the International Spa Association as a 2016 ISPA Innovate Award winner for its therapeutic benefits and positive environmental impact.

To learn more about Saltability and all of the company’s products, visit or call 888-241-2095.


Saltability features 100 percent pure pink Himalayan salt mined from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan through socially, environmentally responsible manufacturing. For more information about their products and services, visit


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