Mission-driven Saltability celebrates two-year anniversary of partnership with Lake Area Industries

Mission-driven Saltability celebrates two-year anniversary of partnership with Lake Area Industries

Saltability, the spa industry’s leading, global provider of quality Himalayan salt stone treatments and products for resort, day, medical and destination spas, celebrates its second anniversary of partnership with Lake Area Industries and looks forward to continuing the partnership into its third year.

LAI, a nonprofit organization that employs approximately 70 developmentally disabled people in Camden County, Missouri, has aided in the fulfillment of Saltability product packaging and labeling since April 2016.

According to Saltability founder Ann Brown, utilizing the work of LAI employees enables the brand to maintain quality of product packaging and helps employ people who may not be able to work otherwise. Brown initially sought the partnership with LAI after meeting then-executive director Tiffany Maasen while both were being honored as one of the “Top 10 Women of the Year” by Lake Lifestyles Magazine

“I knew immediately I had to work with this organization to do some of our labeling and filling of our pure, 100 percent natural Himalayan salt products,” Brown said. “We love working with LAI and its employees – this partnership helps us meet our mission to partner with organizations making a difference. LAI demonstrates the accomplishments of an independent lifestyle for people who are mentally disadvantaged, and we’re proud of and thankful for our partnership.”

Developed and patented by Brown, a spa industry veteran, to offer a more environmentally friendly, healthier alternative to traditional stone massage, Saltability works closely with spa partners to train therapists on specific protocol for Saltability’s Himalayan salt stone massages, manicures and pedicures and to equip spas with Himalayan salt stone enhancements and products for retail sale to help clients and guests with wellness in their lives.

Lake Area IndustriesWorkers with disabilities at Lake Area Industries carefully measure and fill bags with Himalayan salt, helping to fulfill orders for Saltability clients.

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