Saltability Himalayan salt heart stone in red mesh bag

Wow Clients This Mother’s Day — Himalayan Salt Heart Stone Special Offer

Give guests a special treat this Mother’s Day with a Himalayan salt heart stone with a home care card packaged in a red bag. Great gifts for spa or massage clients or retail sale!

Take advantage of our special offer — purchase 20 heart stones for $99! This special offer is more than 65 percent off the retail price of $15 each. And we promise to ship your order in 24 hours so you will have on hand for Mother’s Day sales! Call or email us by 3 p.m. ET Monday-Thursday to place an order, and we’ll ship it out the next business day.

Saltability Himalayan Salt Heart Stone in red mesh bag

Offer a complete Mother’s Day package of a heart stone and your gift card. “My favorite add-on product to every gift card is the heart salt stone. It’s a wonderful accent piece to a gift bag with the gift card,” said Teresa Goodnight, owner/operator, Hand & Stone Spas in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “Men love it when they are looking to do something special with a treatment for their loved one. It’s an inexpensive piece that really closes the deal for a nice complete gift.”

Share with clients the added bonus of Himalayan salt stone self-care. Each stone includes a card to explain home care use for your clients’ ease and convenience.

  • For self-massage: A great tool to help create a proper tension reliever.
  • For grounding and to neutralize bacteria: Himalayan salt is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.
  • As a deodorant: Himalayan salt stones are non-toxic and provide a protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria.
  • To remineralize skin: After a shower, use a wet Himalayan salt stone to replenish mineral deficiencies that our bodies lack.
  • For warming or cooling sensations: Warmed stones soothe your body, while cooled stones provide relief for aches and pains.

Call +1 (561) 515-5142 today or email to place your order.

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