How Your Spa Can Adopt the Wellness Travel Trend

How Your Spa Can Adopt the Wellness Travel Trend

If you work in the spa industry, you’ve most likely heard about the rise in “wellness travel.” Just like it sounds, wellness traveling is going somewhere (internationally or domestically) to seek a healthy environment and experience. Often, these trips take place among nature, such as forests, beach fronts, or deep in the mountains and involve healthy eating, exercise and peaceful activities. If your spa is located in the city, don't fret - wellness travel can have different characteristics depending on the location.

It’s no secret that technology is constantly occupying our time throughout the day, leading to working longer hours and increased levels of stress. People are looking for ways to detoxify from the overstimulation of emails, social media notifications and societal pressures. In many ways, your spa can be the needed respite for clients.

Your spa may not be located in a lush jungle or steps away from the ocean, but you can adopt a ‘wellness travel’ atmosphere in several ways.

  1. Interior design: Consider adding more plants and upholstery that invoke images of nature. Playing music can help (waves lapping or a rainstorm in the jungle). Our Himalayan salt lamps, made with 100% pure Himalayan salt, can add a natural (and calming) sentiment to the room. For those who like essential oils, consider using our  aromatherapy salt lamp.
  2. Add-ons: If your spa has a fitness center nearby, consider partnering to add spa and wellness packages, which can entice clients from out-of-town.
  3. Know what makes your city unique: When potential clients see your passion for your city, they’ll be intrigued as to why you love it. Posting blogs with things to do or see in your city and talking about local health or environmental initiatives can help potential clients make a multi-faceted trip. You can also create sample itineraries on your website if desired.

Are you thinking of adopting the ‘wellness travel’ trend at your spa? In what ways are you working to create an atmosphere of wellness and travel?

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