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Why Doug Elman Chose Saltability

Doug Elman Hand and Stone Himalayan Salt Himalayan Salt Stone Massage Saltability Spa Industry

Working as Director for Hand & Stone Franchise Corporation, I was looking to bring something new and fresh to the menu.

I came across Saltability, and I immediately knew that this was what I was looking for! Not only was this going to compliment the menu — it was going to be a simpler and more efficient cleaning process in between services for the Licensed Massage Therapists.

So, I reached out to Ann Brown, who could not have been more helpful! After several conversations, Ann sent me the Himalayan salt stone warmer set so that I could present it to other key members of the corporate staff.

After showing the product and talking about the many benefits of using Himalayan salt stones as well as their eco-friendly benefits, a decision to pilot the service and retail the other available products was made.

It was an instant hit, debuting as one of the most successful services or products ever. The rest, as they say, is history.

In just a few short years, Ann has made amazing strides in making Saltability what it is today. I knew that Ann and Saltability really had something here, and I wanted to be part of it!

My passion for training and education and my love for this product led me to reach back out to Ann to discuss some of my ideas and to see if Ann could envision me working with her and Saltability.

Fortunately for me, after several emails and conversations, Ann agreed to bring me on board.

Now, I see myself not only fulfilling this role but helping grow it and Saltability into something even bigger!


Doug Elman, Director of Education

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