Welcome New Global Wellness Salt and Halotherapy Initiative Members

Welcome New Global Wellness Salt and Halotherapy Initiative Members

As vice chair of the Global Wellness Institute Salt and Halotherapy Initiative, I am excited to welcome new members Ryan Dodson and Beata Jirava. Our Salt and Halotherapy Initiative group brings together sharp minds and dynamic personalities from the spa and wellness industry who are passionate about the power and potential of salt therapies. Ryan and Beata are great additions, and I look forward to working with them.

Ryan Dodson serves as CEO, CPA, CFE, and Franchisor of The Salt Suite, a franchisor in the Halotherapy/dry salt industry. Dodson’s goal is to bring salt therapy to more people and help franchisees realize their dreams and goals.

Beata Jirava is CEO of Breathe Salt Wellness, a salt therapy clinic and spa. Jirava’s mission is to create global restorative impact at the cellular level by combining a series of modalities including Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency, Dry Salt Therapy, Live Blood Analysis, Iridology, Acutherapy, Full Body Toxicity and Hormonal Testing for both humans and animals.

The Salt and Halotherapy Initiative investigates the effects of salt therapies and provides guidance to businesses and spa practitioners who want to understand and best utilize salt therapy to benefit their clientele.

Other members include initiative chair Steve Spiro, CEO & Founder, Global Halotherapy Solutions, member Kim Hanna, Founder & Creative Director, Mindfull Solutions; Co-Owner & Strategic Director, Sukhino Float Center & Salt Cave; President, Float Conference; and member Erin Lee, Projects Director, Dröm UK Ltd & Founder, UK Halotherapy Network.

If you have any questions about our work with the Global Wellness Institute or questions about salt therapy, please reach out to me. I would love to talk to you –


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