We are thrilled to be honored TWO times in the Healing Lifestyles' 2021 Earth Day Beauty Awards!

We are thrilled to be honored TWO times in the Healing Lifestyles' 2021 Earth Day Beauty Awards!

Each year Healing Lifestyles recognizes the best of the best in eco-friendly, nurturing beauty products. We are grateful to receive two awards this year, and we want to celebrate with you through this special offer —

Buy our Himalayan Salt Cellulite Body Scrubber, Get 50% off our 2 lb. Himalayan Salt Detox Bath!

Ask about complimentary marketing signage for your retail display!

Saltability’s Himalayan Salt Detox Bath has the cleansing effect of a 3-day juice fast, according to Dr. Barbara Hendel, author of Water & Salt: The Essence of Life.

When soaking in the Saltability Detox Bath, the body releases toxins and negative energy into the bath water. At the same time, the beneficial minerals of the salt are absorbed through the skin. Bio-energetic weak points are balanced, and the body's energy flow is activated.

Naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal, the Himalayan Salt Cellulite Body Scrubber is a perfect alternative to a traditional body brush. Great for addressing cellulite areas on the thighs, stomach, upper legs and outer arms!

In addition to the Healing Lifestyles’ honors, Saltability’s body scrubber was deemed Best Body Exfoliation Tool in the 2020 Product Awards by Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe.

Both products can be utilized for treatments by spa and massage staff and are great for retail sale to increase your revenue. As a bonus, we will provide shelf talkers for use with your retail display.

For a limited time offer, buy a Himalayan Salt Cellulite Body Scrubber, get 50% off 2 lb. Himalayan Salt Detox Bath. This is a limited time offer. May not be combined with other offers or discounts.

Email info@saltability.com or call 561-515-5142 for information about this special offer and any of our other Himalayan salt products.



“The Saltability body scrubber has been a great gift item because of price point and health benefits. Our clients love the ease of using this for exfoliation and overall skin benefits from the mineral content the salt has. Increasing circulation to the skin’s surface paired with the natural detoxifying benefits of Himalayan salt help to smooth the skin’s surface and reduce the appearance of cellulite — who doesn’t love this!! Using this just a couple of times in a week and you actually feel and see a difference in skin tone and feel.” — Audrey Leo, spa manager, Life Time Boca Raton

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