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Vote for Saltability in the 2018 American Spa Professionals' Choice Awards!

Will you vote for Saltability as Best Company for Product Education in the 2018 American Spa Professionals' Choice Awards?

Saltability works to provide education to other LMTs and spas to empower them to succeed through our Himalayan Salt Massage education courses. Using this incredible treatment effectively isn't just about knowing how to provide the massage, but also understanding why and how it works to soothe, nourish and strengthen the body. We're so thankful for our dedicated and talented education staff and trainers and their work to provide this service to our clients.

If you have benefited from Saltability's CEUs or believe that our efforts to educate all our clients and partner spas about the benefits of Himalayan salt have benefitted your business or life, please consider voting for Saltability in the 2018 American Spa Professionals' Choice Awards, in the category of Favorite Company for Product Education (number 18 on the award ballot).

We are deeply grateful to belong to an industry that places emphasis on lifelong education, and Saltability will continue to make it a central focus of our company's mission.

Click here to vote.

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