Safe, Therapeutic ... The Gift of Two Himalayan Salt Stones

Safe, Therapeutic ... The Gift of Two Himalayan Salt Stones

Give two Himalayan salt stones used with massage to each salt stone massage client, with no need to disinfect the stones, no time spent cleaning them.

Use two smooth, warm 100% pure Himalayan salt stones for salt stone massage, nourishing and remineralizing your client’s skin with 84 essential nutrients and minerals. Then give the stones used to the client — keeping their use specific to that person — plus an info card on how to use the salt stone at home. No need to disinfect stones between clients!

For a limited time, purchase 100 Himalayan salt stones and get a free Bamboo Warming Tray. A $299 value free with $500 purchase of salt stones.

Himalayan salt stone massage treatments are typically $45 to $65 more per treatment than Swedish massage, and practically all of that money falls to the bottom line besides small commission (based on how you pay your staff).

Invest in the purchase two stones per treatment with easy profit margin, and the client gets a gift which they will love, adding value for them and loyalty for you!

Purchase of 100 stones = value add-on for 50 Himalayan salt stone massages!

Please contact us at 561-515-5142 or via email to place an order.

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