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Special interest-free financing offer for Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

financing Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Saltability's innovative, new therapeutic treatment — Himalayan Salt Stone Massage —is now in more than 2000 spas in the U.S., and we are elated! We are so grateful for the feedback we've received from hundreds of spa directors/owners, lead therapists, and their clients about how much they love the treatment. 

In talking with spa directors, I have heard many of them express the desire to add our Himalayan Salt Stone Massage to their menus, but they struggle to find the room in their budget. As a former spa director, I understand. To invest in Himalayan Salt Stone Massage for a multiple-treatment room spa, the opening invoice expense affects the P&L and rightfully raises questions about ROI.

With any investment, you need to ask — how will this pay off?

To make that answer simple for you, we are offering NO INTEREST financing for anyone who wants to get started with a purchase of 6 or more units. This is a limited time offer.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

This financing allows you to spread out the payment terms at no additional cost. With this offer, you can start increasing your revenue before you even pay for the unit. In essence, as you immediately begin to make money on enhancements, upgrades or simply a premium charge for your new Himalayan salt treatment, the unit pays for itself before you pay for it.
For a 6-treatment room spa, the opening invoice might total $3600. With our special offer, you will make three easy payments of $1200. One payment a month for 3 months, no interest.

Please call me at 561-515-5142, ext. 300 for details and help with placing your order.

-- Ann 

P.S. We are ready to provide support to you for a successful launch with your Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, including menu descriptions, written and video protocols, a 35-page manual and lots of high resolutions photography and marketing collateral to promote Himalayan Salt Stone Massage and Himalayan salt upgrades to your clientele.

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