Show Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Heart Himalayan Salt Stones

Show Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Heart Himalayan Salt Stones

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! To show your support, treat your spa clients with a special offer with special savings for you. For a limited time — buy 10 heart-shaped Himalayan salt stones, get 6 free! (Retail value: $15 each.)

During October, heart stone packaging is focused on breast cancer awareness and self-care.

Our heart-shaped Himalayan salt stones are the perfect retail item to use with a give-back initiative — donating a portion of your sales to a breast cancer organization — or as a gift with purchase to help bring awareness.

"My favorite add-on product to every gift card is the heart salt stone. It’s a wonderful accent piece to a gift bag with the gift card. Men love it when they are looking to do something special with a treatment for their loved one. It’s an inexpensive piece that really closes the deal for a nice complete gift," shared Teresa Goodnight, owner/operator, Hand & Stone Spas in Tulsa.

These 100% pure Himalayan salt stones nourish the skin and help replenish the body with 84 essential nutrients. Share with clients the bonus of Himalayan salt stone self-care.

  • For self-massage: A great tool to help create a proper tension reliever.
  • For grounding and to neutralize bacteria: Himalayan salt is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.
  • As a deodorant: Himalayan salt stones are non-toxic and provide a protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria.
  • To remineralize skin: After a shower, use a wet Himalayan salt stone to replenish mineral deficiencies that our bodies lack.
  • For warming or cooling sensations: Warmed stones soothe your body, while cooled stones provide relief for aches and pains.

Email or call +1-561-515-5142 for assistance with placing your order for this buy-10-get-6-free special offer (retail $15 per heart stone). Only available for a limited time!

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