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Save Now on Best Exfoliation Tool for Cellulite Help

WE WON — and we’re sharing our excitement with a special offer for you! 

Our Himalayan Salt Cellulite/Body Scrubber was named “Best Exfoliation Tool” in Healing Lifestyle & Spa’s 2020 Earth Day Beauty Awards. For a limited time, save 20% when you buy 3 of our 100% pure Himalayan Salt Cellulite/Body Scrubbers. Buy one for you, and give the other two as self-care gifts to friends! Order here.

Our Himalayan Salt Cellulite/Body Scrubber is your best natural tool to address the appearance of cellulite and is made to be massaged against dry skin, especially on problem cellulite areas (upper arms, stomach and upper arms). The paddle imparts minerals and alkalinity as it exfoliates, giving skin a more youthful and smoother look.  

How to Use 

Massage against dry skin (may also be used with any good quality cellulite/massage oil) to exfoliate. 

Use a pulling or dragging motion on skin to reduce adhesions on the connective tissue, working towards heart or in circular motion around where cellulite appears on skin surface. 

For best results, use in clockwise motion over stomach area. Use more lightly on the delicate skin of the neck, face or chest. 

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DO NOT get scrubber wet. May be used with good quality oil. CAUTION: If Cellulite/Body Scrubber becomes rough or starts to scratch the skin, buff quickly with a small piece of 180 grit sandpaper to smooth, so it is not abrasive to skin. 

If you have medical conditions, please consult doctor before starting a new program. 

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