Saltability Testimonial: Himalayan Salt Stones

As a business owner and someone who truly cares about how the work we do as spa therapists affects and benefits our clients, it is important to me to get feedback about Saltability’s products and treatments. I want to make sure that the therapist, spa director or owner, and client are all satisfied with what we offer, and I also want to know of any areas where we can improve. Occasionally I receive feedback that makes me pause in the middle of my busy day and give thanks for being able to do what I love. I am grateful for living a life focused on fulfilling my mission — Saltability’s mission — to work with intention and make a difference in the lives of spa clients, therapists and the spa industry as whole.


Below, I want to share with you what the lead massage therapist at one of our newest clients, Paris Parker Salons and Spas (named one of the top 100 salons in America by Elle Magazine) says. To Jinny, Leigh, Desiree and the rest of the Paris Parker team, thank you for choosing Saltability! I look forward to our continued partnership.


I love the Saltability Himalayan salt stones — these are really cool! They heat very quickly and hold heat for a long time, which makes them an easy solution to the hot stone massage issue of needing an hour to prepare hot stones. Now, people can book hot stone massage in the moment. Plus, I love that they save water, and I love the idea of having an enhancement menu so they can be used for more than just salt stone massage. We could give them to the nail techs and have them use them as an enhancement for their services as well as for aesthetics! There are so many ideas for how they can be used to enhance or build on other services.
I recently used the salt stones on a very regular client of mine for the first time. He’s a surgeon and has a strong Western medicine mentality, and he’s very blunt that he doesn’t like change. At the end of every massage, I use two hot stones on the back to finish. This time, I told him I was going to use the salt stones instead to see what he thought. As soon as the treatment was over, he said, “I really like those. I feel really relaxed. That was great!” That was huge coming from him! He said he preferred them to the traditional hot stones because of their texture and overall feel.
I feel so confident moving forward with these salt stones. I love them — and so do my clients!
— Jinny Badinger, Lead Massage Therapist, Paris Parker Salons and Spas
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