Saltability Announces Renewed Partnership with Nonprofit Seagull Services

Saltability Announces Renewed Partnership with Nonprofit Seagull Services

Boca Raton-based Saltability has renewed its partnership with Seagull Services, a nonprofit organization based in West Palm Beach, Florida, that provides advocacy, workforce development and employment services for individuals living with disabilities and their families. Serving the spa industry, Saltability provides quality Himalayan salt stone massage treatments and products for resort, day, medical and destination spas.

Seagull provides a supportive learning environment for individuals living with disabilities to achieve vocational goals. Through their partnership with Saltability, Seagull Services employees measure, package and label Himalayan salts and Saltability products for wholesale and retail purchase. Community partnerships, such as with Saltability, ensure Seagull program participants have vocational experiences and exposure to work activity.

“We have always made it a priority to find ways to invest in our community,” Saltability founder and CEO Ann Brown says.  “Seagull has provided us an opportunity to make a real positive impact on families and to make some invaluable friendships along the way.” 

For more than 40 years, Seagull Services has offered educational, social, vocational and transportation services aimed to promote achievement, self-reliance and independence for people who otherwise might face difficulty finding long-term employment.

“When companies like Saltability trust us to assemble or package their products, meeting their quality assurance guidelines, all parties involved win,” says Linda Moore, Seagull Services interim CEO. “Saltability and the customer will receive their product with the added value that Seagull delivers and understanding of the financial impact it provides to the program participants. In turn, Seagull’s program participants feel an increase in their confidence and self-worth, as well as in their personal finances.”

The types of skills involved in fulfilling the Saltability partnership require attention to detail, which is important for each of Seagull’s program participants to master, Moore says. Seagull employs a full-time worker for quality control, who helps ensure all of the work performed in the organization’s fulfillment house upholds strict quality control standards.

“The more variety of work we can provide increases (participants’) abilities and challenges them to grow,” says Moore. “Seagull Services becomes stronger with each community partner that believes in us and partners with us.”

Saltability features 100% pure pink Himalayan salt mined from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan through socially, environmentally responsible manufacturing. For more information about products and services offered, visit or call 888-241-2095.

To learn more about Seagull Services, visit or call 561-842-5814. 

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