Saltability Partners with Margaritaville Resort Orlando

Saltability Partners with Margaritaville Resort Orlando

Saltability is excited to announce our partnership with Margaritaville Resort Orlando, one of the newest vacation and residential destinations in Central Florida  

We were thrilled to be a part of designing the guest experience at St. Somewhere Spa in Margaritaville Hotel Orlando. Margaritaville’s brand essence of fun and escapism beautifully complements what Saltability and Himalayan Source strive to create for guests, in addition to providing a lasting therapeutic effect. 

The brand-new St. Somewhere Spa, an island inspired resort-style spa, offers a wide array of specialty and signature services including massages, facials, body treatments and more. 

Saltability and its sister company, Himalayan Source, worked with St. Somewhere Spa to incorporate a Himalayan Salt Room at the spa, providing guests the ultimate relaxing, rejuvenating experience before or after any treatment. 

Specially designed to create a revitalizing, healing environment for spa guests, the Himalayan Salt Room is made from 100% pure Himalayan salt mined from the Himalayan Mountains through socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing. Resonating at the Earth’s frequency, Himalayan salt balances and neutralizes the ill effects of the toxic frequencies in the environment and nourishes the body with 84 essential nutrients. 

In St. Somewhere Spa’s Himalayan Salt Room, guests are immersed in relaxation on heated salt loungers as negative ions are released, delivering myriad of health benefits, from higher mental alertness to better circulation and digestion.  

Guests should also check out this Himalayan Salt Stone Massage at St. Somewhere … 

Salty Piece of Land (Salt Stone Massage) 

Melt away tension with this deeply relaxing and detoxifying massage utilizing warmed salt stones, naturally infused with healing minerals. Salt stones bring a double dose of relaxing benefits to this full body massage using a specific sequence of massage to balance and promote a positive energy flow while giving a sense of harmony and balance to truly empower you to feel at peace. 80 min. 

About St. Somewhere Spa 

“St. Somewhere Spa is an approachable spa with luxurious services designed to be a sanctuary where guests can feel comfortable and unwind,” said William TothSpa Director. “Through innovative treatment offerings and a serene environment, we want our guests find a new level of relaxation and wellness.”  

St. Somewhere Spa also offers eight other specialty treatment rooms with heated chromatherapy tables, which offer unique lighting to enhance guests’ moods. Bluetooth capabilities allow guests and therapists to customize music during treatments to create the ultimate relaxation experience. For those guests looking to dazzle their nails, the spa’s Beauty Bar offers an array of fun manicure and pedicure options such as a “Pedicure on the Rocks,” created as the perfect complement to the signature cocktail served during the treatment.  

The spa also offers self-guided rituals, which can add an extra hour to any treatment and leave guests feeling revitalized and renewed. Some of the rituals include a tropical shower infused with Vitamin C and an aromatherapy sauna session with an infused foot soakIn addition, guests can try one of the more unique treatments offered at the spa and appropriately called “It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere Massage.” Designed as a themed journey, it tells a story through the power of massage as trained therapists focus on performing body movements in coordination with the rhythms of music.   

For spa guests with childrenParakeets Kids’ Club is conveniently located next door. For children of all ages, the Club offers games, arts and crafts, and daily activities led by a team of trained counselors. For older kids, the Teen Center boasts daily planned exploration activities, events, games, movies and more.  

At St. Somewhere Spa, any service can be turned into a day-long experience as spa guests have access to fitness facilities, the “License to Chill” pool, and the hotel’s restaurants, On Vacation and Euphoria 

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