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New! Saltability Offers the HealthyLine Therapy Mat with Far Infrared Heat and More

Luxuriate in the healing warmth of a therapy mat that offers five ways to naturally stimulate the body to maintain overall wellness. Saltability has partnered with HealthyLine to carry the InfraMat Pro® for the ultimate in healing and relaxation sessions.

The mat combines powerful far infrared heat PLUS healing hot stone therapy — featuring tourmaline, amethyst and jade — pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF) field therapy, negative ion therapy and photon light therapy.

The InfraMat’s signature infrared heat penetrates deep (4 to 6 inches) into the muscles, helping to increase blood circulation as it decreases pain, inflammation and muscle stiffness while improving energy levels and mood. No mere heating pad can provide these results!

Up to 21 active layers of protection between the heat coils and the body safeguard against burns while providing even heat distribution. It’s so safe, you could sleep on it overnight on a low heat setting. Awaken refreshed and energized!

HealthyLine Inframat Pro

Saltability connected with HealthyLine through our sister company Himalayan Source’s new private halotherapy experience, which features the InfraMat Pro. The private experience, uniquely suited for wellness with COVID-19 precautions, offers the benefits of true halotherapy in a private environment. Spa guests relax and breathe deeply in a controlled dry-salt aerosol environment while resting on an InfraMat. Taking in the view from the aesthetically pleasing glow of a Himalayan salt wall, clients breathe in pharmaceutical-grade particles of salt from a halogenerator as they relax on the therapy mat, enjoying a range of natural therapies with healing gemstones.

Himalayan Source recently debuted the private halotherapy experience in Delray Beach with great success.

This new partnership expands the opportunities for natural therapy. Saltability is excited to offer this mat in our online shop — for use at home, by massage therapists, estheticians, spas and wellness centers. 

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