Saltability and The Biltmore Spa Slumber Party

Saltability and The Biltmore Spa Slumber Party

We love this special promotion that The Biltmore is running this week!

In honor of National Sleep Awareness Week (March 2-9), The Biltmore Spa in Coral Gables, FL invites guests to a weeklong slumber party. They are sharing nighttime beauty secrets, holding daily product demonstrations, complimentary mini treatments, product discounts, and giving a gift with purchase.  Call the spa at (305) 913-3187 for the daily schedule.

A valued Saltability client, the Biltmore is offering 25% off their Mineral Wellness Ritual, Mineral Wellness Pedicure and Saltability Himalayan Salts through March 9.

From The Biltmore …

"Considered the purest and most beneficial salt ever discovered on earth, and containing 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts, everyone should have a stock of Himalayans in their bathroom.  Combat anxiety and insomnia with an evening soak in this powerful gift from Mother Earth.  Experience the Mineral Wellness Ritual or take a restful sauna featuring Himalayan salts at our spa, or take home your very own stash for at home relaxation."

Read more about The Biltmore's Mineral Wellness Ritual, featuring Saltability Himalayan salt, on their spa menu

Saltability Himalayan Salt

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