Easy and Seamless: Adding a Himalayan Salt Wall to Your Spa

Thinking about adding a Himalayan salt wall to your spa? Himalayan salt walls from TouchAmerica and Saltability are a great addition to saunas, meditation rooms, spa lobbies, or even treatment rooms — and easy to install. 

The Benefits

Take a walk in the park, in the woods or on the beach, and your body benefits from the negative ions emitted from the natural environment. These negative ions help reduce stress, increase energy and boost your mood. Today’s world, however, is filled with technology that constantly emit positive ions — “electric smog” — that can leave us feeling drained and down. 

A pure Himalayan salt wall fills the room with with negative ions. When heated, the Himalayan salt crystals attract moisture on the salt block surface, and as that moisture evaporates, negative ions are emitted. The negatively charged ions from the heated Himalayan salt serve to purify the circulating air, serving as a natural ionizer and helping to reduce stress, increase energy and boost mood.

Easy to Install

Saltability and TouchAmerica provide support for onsite installers of your choosing to easily and seamlessly install a Himalayan salt wall. Instructions for wall installation of Saltability's 100 percent pure Himalayan salt blocks and CAD drawings are provided with purchase. All trim pieces, backing and LED lighting are also included for complete, beautiful installation.

Himalayan Salt Wall from Saltability at Langham Place New York 
Himalayan salt wall installed in sauna, Chuan Spa at the Langham Place New York

From Nicole Yih, Director of Spa at Langham Place New York:

"Enhancing our sauna with the benefits of the Himalayan salts not only adds another layer of health benefits but it creates an esthetic to the environment and a sense of calmness. The wellness benefits along with the esthetics of the pure salt really create a sense of place and calmness for our guests.”

For more information on Himalayan salt walls, please email info@saltability.com.

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